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Tag: new education policy

Oct 07
New Education Policy (NEP): 2020

The “New Education Policy: A Progressive Policy with Diverse Challenges,” in a real sense, is true to its literal meaning has outlined a lot of changes in the existing education structure with a vision to reform it on par with developed countries. The Union Government has approved the New Education Policy (NEP) and released to […]

Aug 12
New Education Policy 2020- Changes and Challenges

  Overview.                                                                                                       The much […]

Aug 04
10 Impacts of the new education policy on students

Recently the Indian Education system is reconstructed after 34 years, with various reforms and changes. These reforms and changes will help students at different stages in the future. Here in this article, we will discuss some impacts of the new education policy on students which will take place in the next five years- Confusion As […]

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