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Tag: young adults

Oct 23
Why today’s youth are refraining from taking therapy

It is very evident among teenagers to not take medical help even if they want to. Rather most kids only see a therapist when it is completely necessary and prescribed by a doctor. Many teens find talking to a therapist is like talking to an outsider and finds it very infuriating. Even when therapists try […]

Oct 23
The rising cause of teenage anxiety

Today’s youngsters have the urge to sore the sky, they want to achieve the unachievable and want to be perfectionists in their fields. However, it is very common among young adults to have a fear of not being able to succeed or being sabotaged by the superiors. They are scared of failure as they feel […]

Oct 22
Is living an unhealthy lifestyle the new cool?

If you are a part of the millennials or the following age group of generation Z, you already know what we are talking about. Still, in case, you wonder, what is this unhealthy lifestyle? It basically refers to irregular sleeping habits, eating, maybe not cleaning up the bed and grooming oneself well enough, not exercising, […]

Oct 18
How to attain a better reach among the generation Z

Generation Z is all about uniqueness and variance. And with the abundance of products available all around them, it becomes very hard to find out what actually interests them. It is very important to understand that their choices actually influence the global market today. It is their viewpoints and satisfies their wants. This age group […]

Sep 27
Why COVID is affecting the life of healthy young adults

Coronavirus is a pandemic no one really saw coming. After a lot of confusion and disarray even when the researchers have figured out how to prevent the virus from spreading, it is still doubtful if that is actually helping. As per the idea telecasted towards all of us, it was seen coronavirus was affecting more […]