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Programs Offered

Pgdm General


Duration: 24 months | Fees: 19.25 Lakhs | 100% Job Guaranteed Program



Duration: 24 months | Fees: 19.25 Lakhs | 100% Job Guaranteed Program



Duration: 24 months | Fees: 19.25 Lakhs | 100% Job Guaranteed Program


18 – Month PGDM (Executive)

Duration: 15 months | Fees: 12 Lakhs | 100% Job Guaranteed Program


FPM (Fellow Program In Management)

Duration: 60 months | Fees: 7.87 Lakhs | 100% Job Guaranteed Program

Why Choose International Management Institute?

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See What Our Students have to Say about us

Syed Ahmad

In these dynamic times it is essential more than ever to recognize the industry trends and know the direction in which the industry is heading. The management consulting blogs succinctly summarise and offer in depth analysis of markets, industries and strategies that influence and improve your business acumen. That is why it's important to read on the latest insights by leading consultancies to know the issues that matter most in business and management.

Lakshmi Gupta
Lakshmi Gupta

Reading the articles and research papers to keep up with industry trends. We are informed about the economic conditions, and we need to buckle up to fight the situation. The professors are kind enough to share the relevant reading material. The time is testing our endurance & patience and the unprecedented situation has pushed me to increase my productivity. The time I used to spend on traveling is now being invested in my mental and physical health.

Anshika Singh
Anshika Singh

A major part of our subject matter knowledge is being taken care of in our online classes. In addition to this, reading company reports, and articles regarding the disruptions caused by COVID arms me with topical knowledge. I am also trying to upskill with the help of various free courses provided by the college through Coursera. At last, I try to take good care of my health because that is of utmost importance right now.

Devika Tiwari
Devika Tiwari

The entire period of lockdown and virtual interaction has been quite testing for all of us. I saw this as an opportunity. This period gave me ample time to chalk out my strategy for my final placements. During this period, I learnt to adapt to new challenges and situations. I practiced meditation to keep my mind and body aligned. Through online courses and study materials, I have learnt new skills relevant to my domain knowledge.

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Know more about International Management Institute

IMI New Delhi was set up in the year 1981 and is India’s first corporate-sponsored business school. Set up in collaboration with IMD Lausanne (then called IMI) it soon carved a niche for itself and was able to establish itself as a knowledge repository and training ground for aspiring managers. Initially, the focus remained on training programs directed to all levels of managers. Later, it started the full-time one-year program that still continues to thrive. With the changing scenario of business and how it was conducted the need of the hour was to explore more rigorous programs which resulted in the launch of the two-year program. Alongside training and teaching, IMI also became a thriving hub for research and established itself as a knowledge capital. A culture that after close to four decades has cemented it further.

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