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Tag: counselling for working professional

Oct 07
The most common mistakes in a resume

It is misleading to commit errors on your resume and incredibly hard to fix the harm once you have already sent it to the company or organization. To avoid such mistakes, it is more important to know these common mistakes that people commit unknowingly. Here are the most well-known resume mistakes and how you can […]

Sep 27
Common mistakes in finding a job in pandemic

Nowadays, many people have to apply for jobs during one of modern history’s most daunting periods. It became a job market for employers as a result of the pandemic. In finding ways to make one stand out, candidates would have to be more tactful and imaginative in the job finding process or else they will […]

Sep 22
Top 5 Best Tips for Job Interview

When you have successfully cleared all the written exams and begin receiving requests for interviews, it is now time to start preparing for them. Interviews can stressful, but it is essential to maintain your calm. You will need to work on a lot of things before you can actually appear for an interview. You need […]