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Tag: fashion

Jul 18
What effect Fashion does on Students

What effect Fashion does on Students.Each day of our lives we interact with fashion. Fashion is still evolving, and since its development in history, one can find various changes in fashion. Fashion refers to an unmistakable and typically usual trend of the person’s dress and the behavioral styles. The way celebrities wear fashion in their […]

Mar 10
diploma in fashion tech after class 10

In this article, we will look into some of the career prospects a diploma in fashion tech which you can take after class 10th. DIPLOMA IN FASHION TECH AFTER CLASS 10TH. Diploma in Fashion Technology is a lucrative job that requires apt knowledge of modern society and its trends. There is a huge demand for people […]

Sep 29
5 Professions in the field of fashion

If you want to know about professions in the field of fashion, you are in the right place. You have to admit that all of us,  try to keep up with the joneses to in this changing fashion world (well, to an extent). Few of us are really passionate about deciding the course of this […]