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Tag: Feminism

Oct 23
Education of Girl Child in India

Education is a significant phase in the growth of a child in the world. The framework for a promising future lies in education. But there’s a gender preference of humble proportion when it takes to educate a child. In India, it is very evident that from the early stages of life to adolescence and into […]

Oct 17
Some facts to know about Bollywood and Feminism

If you want to know some facts about feminism, you are in the right place. Every one of us has heard the word Feminism, but do we actually even know what feminism is? Feminism means empowering women and eradication of the comparison that we make on the basis of sexes i.e. feminist is the person […]

Oct 13
Feminism: Shift From Androcentric Society

Feminism symbolizes to support women's rights on the grounds of gender equality. The fundamental notion in the feminist analysis is patriarchy, which draws attention to the totality of oppression and exploitation to which women are subject. It bolsters for equal opportunities in all spheres of life for both men and women. It focusses on the notion that women should get a fair share of the rights they deserve and gain economic independence and social and political equality. Women should have decision making power for their own lives. Ranging from career and…