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Tag: Indian Universities

Aug 18
Top 30 Universities In India

In India, we have so many options. But higher education is the start of our life and future building as well. If we don’t focus on it our entire career can be in danger. That’s why studying in the top 30 universities is beneficial. This article tells you all about the top 30 overall universities […]

Jul 18
Best Colleges In India For Sociology

In this article, we will look at the following top 5 colleges/universities in India which offers a sociology course. Sociology is the study of human behaviour. Well, psychology too studies human behaviour. The difference between psychology and sociology is that while the former study individuals as the unit of analysis of human behaviour, the latter […]

Jun 30

Women’s education has gained a lot of importance and recognition and so the government and many private institutions have taken the initiative to work in this direction. The government has also tried to open just women colleges in order to promote women’s education and helping them to make their successful careers. In this article, I […]

Sep 30
Index of Universities Giving Sports Quota in India

Till around a couple of years back, there was a shame appended to extra-curricular exercises, thinking about it as a wastage of time. Even today, guardians presently center around their kids’ vast improvement in only academics. They do not just need their youngsters to dominate in sports exercises. They don’t know the constructive outcomes it […]

Sep 15
Top 6 Universities In India

Most of the students, after their class 12th, look for the top universities to go to in India. However, there are some parameters on which NIRF categorizes universities in India which includes teaching-learning & resources, research and professional practice, graduation, outcome, outreach & inclusivity, and perception. Top Universities in India is a comprehensive list of […]

Aug 23
Things you might not know about College and Universities

In this article, we are going to tell you about 8 facts you might now know about Indian Colleges and Universities.