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Tag: jobs that pay well

Aug 18
white collar jobs

White jobs are the jobs that involve skilled work in offices. The term is derived from the white collar shirts worn by the employees doing such jobs. The minimum qualification required for such jobs is a bachelor’s degree. Professional duties are performed by the job holders who are usually paid on an hourly basis. Managerial, desk and administrative jobs are included in white collar jobs. These jobs pay quite well. This is a list of white collar jobs for your knowledge.

Sep 21
10 Highest Paying Jobs In India

10 Highest Paying job In India The best-paid jobs in today’s scenario are the ones that are aiding the digital economy. A major chunk of students soon after finishing their studies starts their job hunt. Sometimes it is their willingness to settle for any job and sometimes it is the financial problems. It is fine […]

Sep 20
Top 10 blue collar jobs

Blue collar jobs are the 'working class' jobs. The term is derived from the blue-coloured denim uniforms of the workers. Usually, blue collar jobs are the jobs that involve the maintenance or build of things. Such nobs involve skilled and manual labour. Welder, electrician, carpenter, delivery agent, elevator mechanic, air traffic controller, boilermaker are the jobs that are included in blue collar jobs. This is a list of some of the highly paid blue collar jobs along with their minimum qualifications and salary offered.