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Jun 17
10 recommended online courses for every 10th class student

Students in the 10th class are often burdenedwith more than they can handle. They can engage in plenty of activities to take their mind off school and exams. Recreational time is all about relaxing and having fun, but it is all the better if you make it productive. Learning new skills and lessons (not your average classes) […]

Mar 21
Arts and Design courses at Harvard University

Harvard University offers some short but paid online courses in Arts and Designs. While some of them cost around $2900, others cost around $1,880. Usually, you need to register atmost in January. Some of them include Introduction to Acting, American Dreams Made in Hollywood, Developing Museum Theater, Understanding Architecture, Matisse: Painting that Transcends Reality, The Role of the Arts and Humanities in Documenting and Dealing with Climate Change, The Imagination of Disaster: American Science Fiction Cinema and Television and Technomusicology. Usually, you need to register atmost in January.

Nov 13
7 Music and Archaeology courses at Harvard University

The famous Harvard University is the oldest educational institute of the United States. Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, it is known for its excellence in learning, research and teaching across many disciplines. The faculty of Harvard pushes the boundaries of human knowledge. With over 360,000 alumni from its twelve degree-granting Schools, the university contributes creatively and significantly to the society, business, the arts and sciences as well as national and international affairs. The university provides some free, online courses in Arts and Designs that are worth enrolling for. These courses introduce you…

Aug 27
Top 8 online courses to take in Coursera

Coursera offers online courses from many renowned universities in the world. The courses can just enhance your knowledge about subjects such as politics or economics or teach you many crucial skills such as web-development or problem-solving. The universities offer courses in many disciplines here and you get a certificate if you clear the courses successfully. […]