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Tag: rankings

Aug 24
Current situation of top 7 Indian Universities

MY topic describes the current situation of top Indian universities as we all know this time is very critical for the whole country due to COVID-19. what steps are taken by the top universities in india for fighting with COVID-19 and what what kind of situation they are facing when and where they are established and the courses they provide in their colleges. This article can help us by giving us main news and information given by these universities in recent time and they will cope up with this COVID-19 situation.

Jun 17
Top 7 universities in Sydney, Australia

Macquarie University Macquarie University comes under Sydney’s top 10 universities as it is ranked as top 1st university in Sydney Australia. It was founded in year 1964 by the New South Wales government and it was said to be third university, to be Established in the metro Politian areas of Sydney as it is the […]