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Admission Open For The Design Village 2023-2024
The Design Village

Admission Open 2023

Programs Offered

Pgdm General

Bachelor of Design

Duration:4years | Fees: 21 Lakhs | 100% Job Guaranteed Program

B.Des Space and Interior Design

Duration:4years | Fees: 21 L | 100% Job Guaranteed Program


B.des Fashsion and Textile Design

Duration:4years | Fees: 6.25 L – 11.25 L | 100% Job Guaranteed Program
Pgdm General

B.des Graphic and Communication 

Duration:4years | Fees: 21 Lakhs | 100% Job Guaranteed Program

B.Des Product Design

Duration:4years | Fees: 6.25 L – 11.25 L | 100% Job Guaranteed Program

B.des Interaction and UX Design

Duration:4years | Fees: 21 L | 100% Job Guaranteed Program

Pgdm General

B.des Transportation and  Mobility 

Duration:4years | Fees: 21 Lakhs | 100% Job Guaranteed Program

M.des Fasion and Textile Design

Duration:2years | Fees: 21 L | 100% Job Guaranteed Program


M.des Graphic and Communication 

Duration:2years | Fees: 6.25 L – 11.25 L | 100% Job Guaranteed Program

Pgdm General

Mdes Product Design

Duration:2years | Fees: 11.25 Lakhs | 100% Job Guaranteed Program


Mdes Space and interior Design

Duration:2years | Fees:  11.25 L | 100% Job Guaranteed Program


Practice of  Design (PD)

Duration:2years | Fees: 6.25 L | 100% Job Guaranteed Program

Why Choose The Design Village?

Upcoming Events Creative & Content

Summer Studio 300x240

The Design Village’s Summer Studio 2023 is scheduled to take place from May 25 to June 05, 2023, in London, UK. During this two-week program, students will have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of experiences that will broaden their understanding of design and culture.
One of the key experiences of the Summer Studio will be the building of the India Pavilion at Somerset House, a project that will enable students to work on a real-world design project and collaborate with professionals from the industry.
In addition, participants will also get to visit the London Design Biennale, attend curated workshops and lectures, and take part in an architectural walk of renowned architects such as ZahaHadid, Renzo Piano, Fosters and Partners, and others.
To add to the experience, the Summer Studio will also include visits to iconic locations such as the Warner Bros. Studio, where students can explore the World of Harry Potter, and cultural museums such as the V&A, Tate Modern, Fashion & Textile and Design Museum.
Participants will also get to explore the famous streets of London on a city tour, including Piccadilly Circus, Oxford Street, Notting Hill, and Camden Street. Additionally, they will get to see some of London’s most iconic landmarks, including the London Bridge, London Eye, the House of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, and St. Paul’s Cathedral.
The Design Village’s Summer Studio 2023 promises to be an unforgettable experience for design students, offering them a unique opportunity to explore London’s rich design culture and gain valuable insights into the design industry.

The Design Village, an interdisciplinary design institute, is set to represent India as the only design school from the country at Salone Satellite 2023. The prestigious event, held during the Milan Design Week, provides a global platform for emerging designers and young talent to showcase their work. The Design Village’s participation in Salone Satellite highlights the institute’s commitment to nurturing young designers and fostering a culture of design thinking in India.
The Design Village’s philosophy revolves around the belief that design has the power to solve social and global issues. The institute aims to equip its students with the skills and knowledge to create sustainable, innovative, and socially responsible designs that can address real-world problems. The curriculum at The Design Village emphasizes design thinking, research, and experimentation, and encourages students to work across disciplines to develop holistic solutions to complex issues. The institute’s focus on design-led innovation is driven by its vision to create a better world through design.
Participating in Salone Satellite is a testament to The Design Village’s commitment to promoting innovative design thinking in India and developing solutions to global challenges. The institute’s participation in this global event provides a platform for Indian design talent to showcase their work and network with the global design community, contributing to India’s growing presence on the global design stage.

Salone Satelitte 2023 300x168
India Pavillion 300x168

Archohm, a leading architecture firm in India, and The Design Village, an interdisciplinary design institute, both representing India, are showcasing their talent at the prestigious London Design Biennale by designing the India pavilion at Somerset House. The installation, titled “Chowk and Charpai,” is a pavilion that celebrates traditional Indian design and craftsmanship through two iconic pieces of furniture. The “chowk” is a versatile and functional platform used for seating, while the “charpai” is a handwoven bed made from natural materials. The pavilion showcases the beauty and versatility of these everyday objects, exploring their cultural significance and contemporary relevance. Through “Chowk and Charpai,” Archohm invites visitors to discover the richness of India’s design heritage and its enduring influence on modern design. The installation is a sensory experience that combines traditional materials and techniques with modern technology to create an immersive environment. The firms’ participation in the London Design Biennale is a testament to India’s growing presence on the global design stage, and the pavilion is a celebration of India’s rich design heritage and its contemporary design landscape.

The Joint Summer Atelier program between The Design Village, TU Delft, and Politecnico Milano aims to provide students with a unique opportunity to develop a design anthropological perspective towards cities. The program encourages students to read the city through multiple lenses and find appropriate mechanisms to communicate their reading effectively. With time being a crucial factor in altering contextuality and precipitating identity, the program focuses on designing mechanisms (system/services/product) that help people critically gauge a city and its parts, further understanding, appreciating and identifying with it. Chandigarh, India’s first modern city, is the perfect example to gauge and appreciate through this perspective. The Summer Atelier program strives to create global designers who can contribute towards designing sustainable and livable cities.

Summer Atellier 202x300

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See What Our Students have to Say about us

Abin P Thampi

Most of the students get placed in various companies. All the students also get an internship. Students are trained in such a way that they can work with various design firms and projects from the second year itself. Internships are offered from the 3rd year by various design firms.All facilities in our college are top-notch. Labs and other facilities are on par with the top design colleges of the country. Classrooms and other labs are equipped with best in class infrastructure and facilities. The hostel is good with a lot of amenities at a reasonable fee.Teachers in our college are highly qualified. They are helpful at any time, even if it is outside college hours. The course curriculum is designed in such a way that it makes students ready to face the top companies for placements. I have never faced any problems with the curriculum and faculty members. It is one of the few colleges which provide an industry-based course curriculum.

Gsfc Al1.1
Ranjeet Kumar Verma

The placement and job opportunities are too good with an almost 100% record. The top recruiting companies that visit the campus are GOMAADS, Bolisbuchet, KAYA, JCBL, SHADES OF INDIA, and many more visit our campus every year. We get overall placement assistance here. The training and placement cell guides us in the best possible way in order to secure a good job.There are various events that are organized in the college every year. We get the opportunities to showcase our talent at both the national and international levels. Here at TDV, we get a platform where our creativity is presented even at the international level, the members of reputed companies as well as international members are invited which provides us the golden opportunity to show our skill and creativity on such a big platform. The faculty members help us by providing all the possible and best assistance for our development.

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Know More About The Design Village

The Design Village is an interdisciplinary, industry- centric design institute, based out of Noida, New Delhi in India. At TDV, all fields of design come together for essential interdisciplinary interactions. TDV organizes meaningful faculty and student exchanges with international institutes and organizations. TDV works closely with the industry and professionals to maintain a strong focus on the real-world relevance and application of design. The Village is a metaphor for the design village both in its physicality and philosophy. Much like an actual village, the design village is an organic whole where culture is respected and rediscovered. A space where one feels a sense of belonging and responsibility, where values of empathy are nurtured by supporting fellow villagers and the village itself. It aspires to be an energetic and thoughtful place where designers want to be and teachers want to teach. Alternately, the village is not just limited to the physical campus but also the virtual design network of inspiring teachers, academicians, researchers, professionals and associates around the world.The Design Village believes in impact through design, life through design. For TDV, design does not only solve problems of today, but also proposes new ways for the future. To fulfill this ambition, TDV aims to nurture and educate individuals by giving them a choice to not limit themselves to any particular field of design.