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8 career tips in BDS doctor after 12th

Bachelor of Dental Surgery, popularly known as BDS, is one of the most rising careers, gaining ground rapidly. It is considered to be a designated degree of dentists. BDS is said to be equivalent to MBBS and the majority of the student take up this course after they refuse or move on from MBBS. BDS deals with the teaching-learning procedure of several things such as surgery, dental problems and so on. This course provides you with several opportunities in different industries. Let us discuss some of the career tips in BDS doctor after 12th below-


BDS doctor


There is said to be a widely popular branch of dentistry which is known as orthodontics. Orthodontics are expected to position the teeth and jaws in a proper structure. With the help of diagnostic tools, you can process with the treatment plans based on the problems faced by patients. Orthodontics is expected to have a sound knowledge of oral therapy. To go for this field you need to take the course of BDS after clearing the NEET exams and do MDS for further specialisation.  Orthodontics are appreciated for their management strategy by understanding the situation of their patients.

Hospital administration

Tip number 2 deals with hospital administration which holds a variety of career opportunities in BDS doctor after class 12th. Hospital administration deals with a variety of management and other health care services with different duties and variations. One of the major roles opted by BDS graduates is the organization and coordination of a particular staff within a hospital. This staff may or may not have a category. Along with the organization, several other duties are considered to be the duty of a hospital administrator such as the hiring of skilled workers, maintaining the emergency provisions as well as coordination of dynamic functionaries of a hospital under various aspects.


Tip no. 3 deals with one of the most prestigious and most sought courses with a lot of dealing and consulting. There are different variations under this field which depends on the specialization which you choose in your post-graduation or MDS. Some of the famous courses are such as counselling dietitian, director of nutrition, consultant dietitian and so on. There is a huge demand for dietitians under private as well as government sector. The main responsibility of the dietitian is to provide an appropriate diet or nutrition plan for an individual. Their main work is to make their clients aware of the effects as well as benefits of health and fitness in their daily lives.

BDS after 12th

Forensic odontology

Forensic odontology has gained immense popularity with the expansion of science in the world. Forensic Odontologists are required to have a rigorous as well as specialized training to deal with different types of cases which may vary from known to unknown remains of a specific or a lot of individuals. They are considered to be connected with some legal cases that involve police officers and the criminals as well as victims. In such cases, they act as medical examiners where they are expected to trace the abuses or other relevant proofs. There are several workshops, training and programmes to become forensic odontology after completing BDS after class 12th.

Government jobs

Tip no 5 holds the expectation of most the students who are searching for career opportunities after 12th, i.e., government jobs. Those students who want to opt BDS after class 12th and are worried about the career prospects after getting this degree should know that there are a plethora of opportunities under government sector after this degree. Government jobs vary under different sectors under this degree such as in government hospitals, professionals, agricultural sector and so on. Whether it is the defence sector or the medical sector, you will have a huge amount of opportunities after completing BDS.

Pharmaceutical industries

There is a huge network of pharmaceutical industries all over the ground. Pharmaceutical industries are the backbone of the medical sector as more than 90 per cent of the medical prescriptions are based on the products produced and manufactured by pharmaceutical industries. Just as in government jobs, there are a whole plethora of opportunities under this sector also. There is a diverse lane of opportunities which vary from marketing to medical research, specialised departments, business development and so on.

BDS after 12th


There are certain perspectives based on your skills, qualifications and area of interest. If you are interested in the field of dentistry, you can start working under the basic medium salary post-BDS. However, to earn a better amount, MDS is required to specialise in a particular activity. You can either work in hospitals and dental clinics or as per the opportunities you can grab under your skills. You can opt for the dentistry field after you complete your BDS after class 12th.


Tip number 8 is for those who want to complete BDS as a doctor after class 12th and pursue MDS for their further specialization of a particular skill. The main focus of prosthodontics is on the soft and hard tissues as well as dental prostheses. This is basically dependent on several aspects such as diagnosis, a proper action plan for appropriate treatment and so on. You can go for this field if you are looking for an alternate in BDS after class 12th.

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