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8 piece of advice for your best career after 12th

Graduating and leaving school for good can be daunting. It is scary to think you are just a few years away from being an independent grown-up. At the same time, there is excitement and naive curiosity as to what the future beholds. Although parents, teachers, relatives, and friends advise the just-graduated student on how to score well, how to land a job, etc. many times students hardly receive any non-academic advice. Somehow, it is all about the race to success, which is okay, but during that race, you must not forget to value yourself. Here, we list some pieces of advice for your best career after 12th that you probably never got but definitely need.

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Do not limit yourself

Do not be in a rush to get on with things. You have the liberty to take time and do things your way. Whether it is college or work or personal life, do not stop doing things just because you think you are not made for it. You should only care about what you think of yourself and not tie yourself to the ground just because you are scared or not confident about flying into the unknown. Change is good. This piece of advice surely helps you with your best career after the 12th.

You do not have to love your job

Despite what has been told to students all these years, it really is not the end of the world if your passions and your job do not align. “Do what you love, and you’ll never have to work again” is a popular quote but it does not always have to stand true. You can love your job, or not love it but make sure you find it interesting or challenging. It is also okay to be frustrated in your work from time to time, that is what jobs are about. Just make sure you never find it dull or boring because if you do you will stop pushing yourself.

Mistakes are okay

After a few months or so in UG, you might start regretting your course choice or your college choice. This is extremely normal among students so do not worry too much about it. If you think there is seriousness in your regret, then you can start over again if you are brave enough. Students who choose to start over tend to receive a lot of backlash from their family and friends which is the biggest reason why many students keep pursuing something they don’t even feel passionate about and give up their true interests.

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Step out of the comfort zone

If you keep surrounding yourself only with what you are familiar with, you will never be in a position to grow. As mentioned earlier, change is good. If you are nervous or scared about doing something for the first time, it is usually a sign that you will like it and end up being happy with the choices that you made. Whether it is speaking publicly or joining sports events, anything that you do not normally do, but secretly have always wanted will help you grow as an individual. This piece of advice surely helps you with your best career after the 12th.

Enjoy yourself

Exams, college, internships, placement, and jobs are important to succeed but that does not mean you completely submerge yourself in it. Once you leave college, there will be immense responsibilities on you, and you will not get to do the things you could have done previously. Pay attention to your academics but also let the steam off occasionally. Have fun while you can!

Bear a positive attitude

Negativity is bound to attract negativity. If you have an optimistic outlook on life, you can never be discouraged. This applies to your behavior with those around you as well. Being civil is not enough, you must be kind and compassionate. Being nice to others does not make you vulnerable, if anything it makes you more likable.

best career after 12th

Being rejected is not the end

Being said ‘no’ to or being turned down can be a hard blow, whether it is a job or any team/leadership role in college. It makes you think you are not worthy and that is enough for you to go back to square one. But remember that failure is the stepping stone to success and the only way you will work hard and be even more determined is when you do not achieve your goal in the first try. By being rejected, you know the pain of being knocked down and you are bound to stand back up, stronger than ever.

Do not feel inferior to ask for help

Many people believe that asking for help shows a lack of knowledge and shy away from it. What good is knowledge if it is not passed on to others? Always help the ones who need help without passing judgment and at the same time, never feel inferior if you cannot figure something out; asking for help shows you are willing to learn. Besides, nobody knows absolutely everything. It is only by asking questions and sharing knowledge that we can all move forward.

In this article, you will find some pieces of advice for your best career after 12th that you probably never got but definitely need.


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