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9 best humanities courses after 12th class

“You can’t enjoy art or books in a hurry.”, is one of the most famous quotes used to define the ever-intriguing field of Humanities. It allows the students to take a dip in history, know about all the politics, and date back the earth itself. But while you explore this vast field through the two years of your high school, it is all-important that you know what career options would you have to go into after the two years. So, here is a list that will help you chose the best from all the options in the humanities courses after 12th.

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Bachelors of Psychology

With the influx of modern working culture, in which there is increased stress on both the employers and the employees, there has been an increased need for psychologists in our society. While most psychologists work independently, much work in major International companies which want to take care of the mental well being of their employees. In order to pursue this 3 year-long course, the candidate should secure a minimum of 50% score in arts in the 12th standard examination of any authorized board. This course mainly focuses upon the study of the human mind and behaviour while learning the basics of psychology and it’s general application.

Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication and Journalism (BAJMC)

If you have a hunger for truth and eagerness to work for the same, then BAJMC is the path to follow. This 3-year undergraduate course helps you to learn a vast variety of skills that can help you become a Special Correspondent, Editor, Producer, Art Director, Screenwriter, PR Officer, Sound Engineer or even a Photojournalist. With this degree, you can work in both the digital and the printed media. In order to pursue this course, an individual should have a minimum of 50% score in humanities in the 12th standard examinations of any authorized board with English as a compulsory subject during the said time period.

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Bachelors of Business and Law

If a journalist fights to bring the truth in the eyes of the masses, a lawyer fights to prove that truth in the courtroom. While in order to become a lawyer, one needs to Postgraduate in LLB, many colleges now offer an integrated 5-year course of BA LLB, which allows students, especially from humanities after 12th to get a chance to follow two courses at the same time. In order to get admission in this course, one should have a minimum of 50% score in their 12th exams and secure a good rank in the All India law entrance examination.

Bachelor of Science Fashion Design

If you are someone who is always in the know about the latest trend going around in fashion, with a mind full of creative ideas, then this is just the field for you. This 3-year undergraduate course teaches you a wide variety of skills that will help you become to make a career as a Fashion Designer, Merchandiser, Fashion Coordinator, Fashion Blogger / Writer, etc. With no pre-requirements, both government and non-government colleges have their separate entrance exams for this course.

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Bachelor of Business Application (BBA) Tourism and Hospitality

The larger is the event, the bigger is the celebration. That is how our society is working right now, which means that people are spending more and more on holidays and events. Such an industry requires individuals’ pleasing personality and an ability to interact with people from diverse cultures. After the completion of this course, one can apply for operational positions in the Hotel Industry, Entrepreneurship, cabin crew, and Event Manager too. There are not any pre-requirements to follow this course.

Bachelors of Sociology

Often confused with psychology, sociology doesn’t exactly get into the mind of a person like psychology, instead, it is focused upon the behavior of people in a society and overall functioning of society in general. It is often an important field in research on the mass population and the effect of policy changes. The requirements to pursue this 3-year undergraduate course is a minimum score of 50% in 12th board examination.

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Bachelors of English

One of the most sought after fields in DU admissions each year, bachelors of English is the best course to follow if you have a love for the English language. In this course, you get to learn all types of English work from poems to plays, learning the best pieces, and the language itself on a much deeper level than in any other field. In order to follow this course, one should have a minimum score of 50% in 12th examination of an authorized board and English as a compulsory language during one’s high school.

Bachelors of Social work

If working for society fills you with new energy and you wish to run an NGO or work in one in the future, then this course is tailor-made for you. In this course, one gets to learn about how NGOs work and their various aspects, how to research upon problems faced by the people, and the creative ways such problems can be solved. There are no requirements to follow this 3-year undergraduate course. You can pursue this while pursuing humanities after 12th.

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Bachelors of History

While there are specializations for Geology, political science and every other aspect of arts, history is usually a preferred choice among humanity students as they prepare themselves for competitive exams like IAS, IPS or follow professions like archaeologist and historian through this field. The course requires one to have a minimum score of 50% in boards.

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