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Tag: Cyber bullying

Oct 10
All You Need To Know About Cybercrime

If you want to know all about cybercrime you are in the right place. Cybercrime is a threat to the modern world. Continue reading to find more. What is cybercrime? When the crime committed involves the use of computer networks then it is known as cybercrime. It may include threatening a person’s or a company’s […]

Oct 07
Cyberbullying: A Major Issue

Introduction Cyberbullying has gotten extensive consideration as a potential reason for self-destruction. It has been esteemed a significant wellbeing worry for influenced adolescents and significant wellbeing danger to those influenced by the mental injury incurred by culprits via web-based media. Some state councils have been thinking about and modifying enactment to condemn the movement.  Examiners […]

Oct 01
How to avoid being cyberbullied

What is cyber bullying? Cyberbullying is any kind of bullying carried out through electronic media devices using digital technologies. Unlike face-to-face bullying, it can be challenging to find cyberbullying in action because everything here happens behind the screen. It can occur on social media, messaging platforms, gaming platforms, and mobile phones. It is a recurred […]

Sep 26
Social Media Rules

Social media was developed to unite like-minded individuals – those blended with personal and professional interests, generate job opportunities, marketing the resources, sharing and learning information, ideas, and knowledge in numerous ways across the globe. But with increasing digitalization and globalization, all it takes is one click to finish one’s life. The adverse effects of […]