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Tag: New age careers

Mar 09
How to make career after class 10th?

What after the 10th? Is the most stirring question in every student’s life. 10th is the first milestone that has achieved. After 10th there are three main streams – Science, Arts & Commerce; You can choose either of the paths. Some students have already decided which stream they want to opt for, while some are […]

Oct 28
Cosmetology: A career in beauty

The term cosmetology was derived from the Greek word “cosmetics,” which translates to “skilled in adornment.” Cosmetology is the science of improvements in the exterior appearance of skin, hair and nail care, and treatment. It was historically about skin, hair, and nails. Today, the increasing laser hair removal and other cosmetic procedures are also part […]

Oct 17
Is coding the ultimate language for today’s youth

It is true that parents always want the best for their kids. With the advent of digitalization, when every child is spending most of their screen time swiping through the screen of gadgets, it gets very common among parents to worry whether their children are even learning anything. If at all, snatching away gadgets from […]

Oct 01
Courses you never knew existed

Don’t know what to learn at college? Do not encourage cluelessness to bring you through a common field of which thousands of other students can participate. Have faith that somewhere in your dream course, you have just not yet discovered it.  Here are a few uncommon courses available in India to help you find a […]

Sep 23
Is today’s youth setting new beauty standards?

What is beauty and why are we talking about it? So if we go by the dictionary meaning of ‘beauty’, it is defined as a quality foreseen in a person or a thing that gives a certain pleasure to the mind, either arising from some sensory manifestations, a design, or something else. However, the age-old […]

Aug 29
Top 7 reasons why you should choose liberal arts

Liberal arts or liberal education is meant to provide you the flexibility to choose the subjects that you want to pursue. Many liberal art colleges have begun to provide many unconventional major-minor combinations. Indian liberal art colleges have tried to match the standards of US liberal art institutions. They have begun to offer many branches […]

Apr 27
Top 8 Future Jobs for New generation

The world has entered the fourth industrial revolution which consists of technological advancements and unmatched growth of the information and technology sector. The time when humans get replaced by automated machines is not far away. In this new era, career options will also evolve. The new generation is also becoming more open-minded and willing to […]