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Jul 22
7 best extracurricular activities for working professional

We all know that being a working professional in today’s world is very difficult. There is a lot of pressure on them every day. They need distractions to enjoy their life a little bit and relieve from stress and work pressure. A thing which helps in doing such is having extracurricular activities at work. They […]

Apr 10
6 Most Preferred Specializations In Psychology

The importance of mental health had been ignored by the mass for long, therefore, we are going to talk about 6 most preferred specializations in Psychology. Recently, the increase in suicide rates and mental disorders like depression is changing the way at which we look at the importance of maintaining good mental health. There’s more scope for […]

Oct 30
10 Benefits of Sports in Student Life

Introduction An understudy needs to concentrate hard to be effective in serious assessments. In any case, it’s likewise significant that he engages in sports to appreciate the wellbeing and force of life. Sports are a vital aspect of an understudy’s life. Each kid ought to acknowledge and take an interest in sports at a more […]

Sep 20
Debate around Sports in India

India is known for a lot of things; the thing I’m trying to focus on is its intense love for cricket. We all have seen our entire family since our childhood concentrating on every cricket match with sheer dedication. I always observed them, with fascination, wondering how they would watch these matches with utmost commitment […]