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Tag: To be a SEO Specialist

Apr 12
9 career tips to be SEO specialist

In short, SEO Specialist or otherwise known as Search Engine Optimization- is a person who is responsible and known for optimizing websites to get and acknowledge a higher ranking in search engines. An individual who is a SEO Specialist has the basic knowledge of multiple websites, SEO specialist have great knowledge of how it works and how the SEO tools work as well. SEO are people who help people identify products as well as information on multiple search engines like- Google, Yahoo, or Bing and many more. A SEO Specialist are…

Apr 10
OFF – page SEO Techniques to Rank Better

Every business needs a website to promote its brand and services. Only having a website is not enough to make your site visible on google pages. To rank better in SERP pages you need to follow the techniques of Seo. Basically, there are three types on-page, off-page, and technical SEO.Here is article on OFF – […]