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Tag: university of Delhi

Jul 19

Unlike Older Times now humanities as a subject have gained a lot of importance and following that it actually deserves. There are a variety of courses that can be opted after completing by humanities colleges in delhi in the humanities stream. Some of the very famous courses are Political science honors, history honors, English honors, […]

Jul 20
Manav Rachna University: All you need to know

Every student dreams to study in college but not everyone gets the chance to study in a Government university. Does it mean those who are not getting admission to government colleges can’t do college? Is it so? No, there are so many private universities that offer you Different courses. This is the same how Manav […]

Jul 12
Ram Lal Anand College: All you need to know

Ram Lal Anand college is the superb college where any student can study. You might have listen that some places don’t have popularity but they are so Good. This same applies on the Ram Lal Anand college. It provides various programs, has well infrastructure, facilities available for PWD students and focuses on extra Curricular activities […]