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Oct 01
Reasons to work at Tata Group of Companies

A humongous company, Tata Group, owned by Tata Sons, is an Indian multinational conglomerate giant with it’s headquarters situated in Mumbai, Maharashtra. In 1868, a highly revered businessman Jamshetji Tata, set the ball rolling, for present day one of India’s largest conglomerates, by establishing Tata Group and Tata Steel. For his extensive understanding of trade […]

Aug 30
10 tips for working professionals in chemical industries

For things we cannot solely control mechanically or physically like killing bacteria off surfaces, mixing two or more metals, extracting metal from their ores and the like, we have sought chemical solutions. So much so that, these chemical solutions have become an integral and necessary part of a larger process. And to enable that we […]

Aug 28
10 tips for working professionals in textile industries

In a primarily agricultural based country, the textile sector in India is by and large the second largest employment generator. Currently, employing more than 50 million people, both directly and indirectly. Being the largest cotton producer globally, we stand next to China in the line of largest exporters of clothing and apparels. Textile industry in […]