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Stubborn Meaning in hindi

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What is the meaning of Stubborn?

“stubborn” in Hindi, depending on the specific context and nuance you want to convey:


  • Ziddi (जिद्दी): This is the most common translation for “stubborn” and refers to someone who is unwilling to change their mind or do what they are told.
  • Haththavi (हठठवी): This word emphasizes the obstinate and unyielding nature of someone who is stubborn.
  • Dhimag-garam (दिमाग़-गरम): This literally translates to “hot-headed” and suggests that someone is stubborn due to their temper or emotions.

More nuanced options:

  • Akkad (अक्कड़): This word implies arrogance or pride in addition to being stubborn.
  • Sankich (संकुचित): This word suggests that someone is stubborn due to being narrow-minded or unwilling to consider other perspectives.
  • Atyadhik Nishchay (अत्यधिक दृढ़): This phrase translates to “too firm” and highlights the person’s unwavering determination, which can border on stubbornness.

Informal options:

  • Nakhrewaala (नाख़rewala): This word playfully refers to someone who is fussy and difficult to please.
  • Anguthachaap (अंगूठा छाप): This term literally translates to “thumb imprinter” and suggests that someone is stubborn and unwilling to learn new things.

Figurative options:

  • Paththarkel Dil (पत्थर के दिल): This literally translates to “heart of stone” and describes someone who is completely unyielding and unmoved by reason or emotion.
  • Apne Sur Mein Nachnewaala (अपने सुर में नाचनेवाला): This phrase means “dancing to their own tune” and suggests that someone is independent and uncompromising, even if it seems stubborn.

The best translation for “stubborn” in Hindi will depend on the specific context and the specific type of stubbornness you want to express.

What is the difference between Obstinate and Stubborn?

While both “obstinate” and “stubborn” refer to someone who is unwilling to change their mind or course of action, there are some subtle differences in their meaning and connotation. Here’s a breakdown:


  • Emphasis: Unreasonable persistence, often to the point of being irrational.
  • Connotation: More negative and implies a lack of good judgment or willingness to compromise.
  • Examples: “The child was obstinate and refused to eat his vegetables, no matter how much his parents tried.”
  • Synonyms: Dogged, mulish, perverse, intransigent, die-hard


  • Emphasis: Unyielding and inflexible, but not necessarily unreasonable.
  • Connotation: Can have neutral or even positive connotations, depending on the context. Sometimes associated with determination and perseverance.
  • Examples: “He was a stubborn negotiator but ultimately reached a fair agreement.”
  • Synonyms: Determined, persistent, resolute, unwavering, tenacious

Here’s a table summarizing the key differences:

Aspect Obstinate Stubborn
Emphasis Unreasonable persistence Unyielding and inflexible
Connotation More negative Neutral or even positive
Examples Child refusing vegetables Stubborn negotiator
Synonyms Dogged, mulish, perverse Determined, persistent, resolute

several use cases in sentences


  • “The child was so stubborn that she wouldn’t even try the new food.”
  • “He refused to admit he was wrong, even when presented with clear evidence.”
  • “The negotiations stalled due to the stubbornness of both parties.”
  • “Her stubborn pride prevented her from asking for help.”
  • “He had a stubborn streak and never liked to back down from a challenge.”


  • “The stain on the carpet was stubborn and wouldn’t come out easily.”
  • “The old dog was stubborn but loyal and loved his family deeply.”
  • “She was a stubborn worker and never gave up on a task.”
  • “Despite their differences, they remained stubborn in their support of each other.”
  • “The stubborn weeds kept growing back, no matter how many times she pulled them out.”


  • “He was a stubborn fighter and never gave up on his dreams.”
  • “She had a stubborn spirit and wouldn’t let anyone push her around.”
  • “Their stubborn determination helped them overcome many obstacles.”
  • “The stubborn belief in their cause fueled their passion and activism.”
  • “He was a stubborn negotiator who always got a good deal.”


  • “The fire was stubborn and resisted all attempts to extinguish it.”
  • “The stain on his reputation was stubborn and difficult to remove.”
  • “The memory of that day was stubborn and refused to fade.”
  • “The stubborn silence in the room was deafening.”
  • “The stubborn hope for a better future kept them going.”

These are just a few examples of how “stubborn” can be used in sentences. The specific meaning of the word will depend on the context in which it is used.

Is Stubborn a negative word?

Whether “stubborn” is a negative word or not depends on the context and the connotation you want to convey. It can have both negative and neutral/positive meanings:

Negative connotations:

  • Unreasonable persistence: Refusing to change one’s mind even when faced with reason or persuasion.
  • Lack of adaptability: Being inflexible and unwilling to adjust to new situations or ideas.
  • Close-mindedness: Refusing to consider other perspectives or viewpoints.
  • Rigidity: Being inflexible and unwilling to compromise.
  • Defiance: Resisting authority or control.

Neutral/positive connotations:

  • Determination: Having the strength and resolve to keep going despite challenges.
  • Persistence: Not giving up on a goal or objective.
  • Tenacity: Holding onto something firmly and not letting go.
  • Resolute: Being unwavering and firm in one’s convictions.
  • Independent: Thinking and acting for oneself and not conforming to others’ expectations.

Here are some examples of how the meaning of “stubborn” can change depending on the context:

  • Negative: “He was so stubborn that he wouldn’t listen to anyone’s advice, and he ended up making a big mistake.”
  • Neutral: “The stain was so stubborn that it took me hours to remove it.”
  • Positive: “She was a stubborn athlete who never gave up on her dreams, and she eventually became a champion.”

Ultimately, whether “stubborn” is a negative word or not is up to the speaker and the listener. It’s important to be aware of the potential interpretations of the word and use it carefully to avoid unintended meanings.

synonyms of Stubborn


  • Obstinate: Unreasonably persistent, often to the point of being irrational.
  • Dogged: Determined and persistent, often in a way that is annoying or irritating.
  • Mulish: Like a mule; stubbornly refusing to move or do as one is told.
  • Headstrong: Unwilling to be controlled or persuaded; self-willed.
  • Intransigent: Unwilling to compromise or change one’s position.
  • Unyielding: Not willing to give way or change one’s mind.
  • Resolute: Firmly determined and unwavering; unshakable.

More nuanced:

  • Adamant: Firm and unyielding in one’s opinion or position.
  • Tenacious: Holding on firmly to something and refusing to let go.
  • Unbending: Not willing to bend or be persuaded.
  • Implacable: Unforgiving and relentless.
  • Heady: High-spirited and impulsive; easily provoked to anger.
  • Perverse: Deliberately doing the opposite of what is expected or desired.
  • Contrarian: Taking a position that is opposed to the mainstream view.


  • Hardheaded: Having a strong and determined personality, often to the point of stubbornness.
  • Pigheaded: Stubborn and unyielding, often in an offensive way.
  • Bullheaded: Like a bull; stubborn and unwilling to change one’s course of action.
  • Set in one’s ways: Unwilling to change one’s habits or routines.
  • Stuck in a rut: Unable or unwilling to change or progress.


  • Unrelenting: Not giving up or weakening; relentless.
  • Indomitable: Unconquerable and impossible to subdue.
  • Impregnable: Impossible to defeat or overcome.
  • Unbreakable: Impossible to break or destroy.
  • Immovable: Impossible to move or change.

The best synonym for “stubborn” will depend on the specific context and the nuance you want to convey.

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