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10 tips for BHMS course after 12th

The medical healthcare sector is full of opportunities to help the humans. It is the ultimate sector that works towards the betterment of society and with no greed in mind. This healthcare consists of various opportunities for people to find their employment. Healthcare courses include various medical and paramedical BHMS courses after 12th which work towards the common aim to augment healthcare facilities. Such fields include M.B.B.S.,
BHMS, B.A.M.S., and many more. This article is crafted for the people who want to pursue a BHMS course after 12th as their career field. Here are a few steps which will help you to choose a BHMS course after 12th standard.

BHMS course

Analyze your journey so far

This is the most important step in the life of all students. Once you reach the benchmark of 12th grade, you can easily scrutinize the pros and cons of your stream. This is very important as it is the most decisive factor that plays while pursuing further education. You can also figure out which particular job will give you actual bliss while which one would not be the best choice for you. After all, you need to pick up a job that guarantees you a personal as well as professional satisfaction in your future life.

Know if the medicine is your thing.

Medicine is more like an inner calling than a simple choice. It is the call to serve the nation. The call to work for the human race. The call to sacrifice personal Trivial pleasures for a greater good. You can only survive medicine if you have these qualities. Also, the love for the human body and how it works is necessary to supplement your purpose of joining BHMS Many people take medicine and then are later not happy or satisfied with the life they are offered. Understand one thing, life of a medical person is not difficult, it is just different and that is what seems to be a concept very few people understand.

BHMS after 12th

Prepare for entrance exam.

Once you have made up the mind to pursue BHMS, start getting ready to face the inevitable evil- that is the medical undergraduate entrance exam – NEET. This exam is compulsory for everyone who wish to pursue a career in medical or paramedical sector. NEET consists of 180 questions- 45 pertaining to physics, 45 pertaining to chemistry and 90 pertaining to biology which includes botany and zoology. The questions are picked from NCERT textbooks of 11th and 12th standard of science stream.

Know the university you want

It is very important to decide which University you want to pursue your BHMS course. This is dependent on several factors like distance from your home, the reputation, the fees and the board. Also, certain universities have better facilities for their students like having better co-curriculum and better infrastructure for athletes. The teaching and the faculty is also an important factor for consideration of a University. The most important is the patient inflow. As you will be a doctor, the most important factor while you must consider while opting for a University is the patient inflow.

Difference between the parties

BHMS stands for bachelor in homoeopathy medicine. This strongly implies that to practice allopathy, you will need to do an additional course. There is a difference in practice in medicine when it comes to allopathy and other pathies like homoeopathy and Ayurveda.

BHMS course after 12th

Specialization in future

Once the undergraduate course is over, the thing that concerns the students the most is postgraduate. However, BHMS graduates should know that their postgraduate options are not as wide and diverse as M.B.B.S. students.

Restriction in practice

Certain areas of practice which are open to M.B.B.S. doctors like emergency medicine and surgery and anesthesiology are not accessible by BHMS doctors. Many undergraduate doing BHMS have no clear idea about these and hence it is very essential that students are well-informed from the beginning of their course itself. Also many times BHMS people will have to depend on doctors practising allopathy. This might not be pleasing to everyone who as few people prefer to have dominance in their practice. Therefore, they should consider this very thing before joining BHMS

Respect and prestige

Being a medical practitioner, you will be looked like a divine person. You will get utmost respect in various events. Young students might look up to you as their role model.


Being a BHMS doctor, the salary is more than average. Even in comparison to M.B.B.S., BHMS doctors are bound to earn more due to the faith in homoeopathy. Thus, worrying about Salary should not be an issue.

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Professional and personal life

A BHMS, the doctor has the luxury to keep a well-established balance between his career life and his professional life. There are very few or almost no emergency cases in homoeopathic medicine. Thus, there are no grievances regarding professional and personal life.

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