7 Motivational Netflix movies for students

Netflix has been a been a big success in terms of an entertainment platform. In fact, it has become so versatile in the context of the diverse genres it provides to the users. Right from comedy to crime thriller, from documentaries to science fiction, Netflix has it all. In this article, we bring to you list of must to watch inspirational and motivational Netflix movies. So if you don’t have a subscription, hurry take up one and start binge watching this movies.


We thought we would start the Netflix movie widely known to all so that you find this article like a text from your best friend. And what other movie to select to be first on the list than one of the masterpiece of superstar Amir Khan. This movie has done the brilliant job to educate the importance of determination and motivation to the audience. From being a single female wrestler in her village to representing India at an international level, this movie based on real life incident will be the convincing power to make us believe in our dreams.

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The Social Network

Everyone knows that the king of social networking is Mark Zuckerberg. But does anyone know the life of Mark before he reached this stage? One might wonder what does it take to reach to a stage where people use the network governed by you not on weekly, not on daily , not hourly but on a minute to minute basis! What takes to be that grand? Add this movie based on real life incident of Mark Zuckerberg to your watch list and see how much guts it takes to zone out from the world and focus on what you want. This can be considered as the best motivational Netflix movie for students.

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Yeh Ballet

Another collection from Netflix India, this movie narrates from the heart of the country – the middle class society. In this movie, the stories of 2 young ballet dancer is unfolded while slowly dissecting their problem. Haven’t we all wonder can our plight in future be determined by the way we handle if difficulties of today? This movie will allure you and make you experience the sweet and sour journey of 2 enthusiastic and highly determined kids who grow to become world class dancers. Success is achieved only after enduring the adversities, right? Also, the beauty of this story is that it strengthens our self belief as this movie is based on a true story and is full of motivation.

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Dear Zindagi

It is very rare that Indian cinema does an attempt the address issues like depression and mental health. But when it does, it leaves absolutely no stone unturned. This movie is the ultimate answer to all the ignorant people who think ‘ it is all in your head.’ Moreover to add a better edge to this movie, it has 2 great actors of all time – Shahrukh Khan and Alia Bhatt. The story happens to be revolving about Alia who tries to manage her career as well as her personal life- isn’t this a very relatable situation? Meanwhile, she also happens to take these therapy sessions from Shahrukh khan. The way she tries to gather the motivation to fight the stigma associated with depression is enticing to watch. Their acting and a beautiful take home message is the reason why everyone should watch this movie.



It might surprise you to find this movie over here. But trust us when we say that even this light hearted Netflix movie can leave a deep impact in your life. Many times we feel we are meant to do something unique. But the very thought of breaking the norms is scary. The same story is elicited in this movie through the life of a rat. This story is about a rat who wants to do things which are specifically meant for human. And the way he tries harder and harder is a really alluring story. Even when faced with the reality, the rat remains focused on his goals. The movie has some of the most motivational monologues that will leave an impact on the viewers. We certainly guarantee that this is the must watch motivational Netflix movie for students to watch with their friends of family.

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Coach Carter

Who doesn’t love sports movies? We all enjoy that screenplay full of entertaining and encouraging scenes. This movie based on real life incident talks about discipline.It speaks about perseverance. This movie teaches us about how with help of a proper guidance, motivation and a brilliant teacher, even the impossible things can be made possible. It is very easy to change our life and make it better, but the decision to do so is the hardest. Watch this movie to find that motivation which will never leave you!

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The boy who harnessed the wind

Children are the architect of our future. This Netflix movie just goes to emphasize on this very phrase. For all the students reading this, if you ever think your dreams cannot save or change the world, you all need to watch this motivational movie right now. A small 13 year boy tries to build a windmill that eventually saves his village from the famine. We know it is unbelievable but this movie is based on real life incident and will surely add a touch of sacred self esteem to your personality.

Motivational Netflix movies
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