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8 Ways Parents Can Help Children Deal with Exam Stress

Exams for 10th class are a challenging time for most children. There’s a lot of pressure to do well, and most kids are very aware that the results of their tests can have a significant impact on their futures. Exam stress is very common, and many youngsters underperform or even make themselves ill because they are so worried and stressed out. As a parent, this is the last thing that you will want. You’ll want to encourage them and help them to succeed, but you’ll also want to help them find a balance and avoid stress and anxiety. Here’s a look at some of the things that you can do to help them to deal with the exams stress. 

Learn More About the Exams

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It’s easier to support your child if you know more about what they are going through. Learn about the exams that they are taking, read up on how to prepare for the CAT4, and learn about the exam process at their school. This way, you can prepare them and answer any questions that they might have. 

Help Them Practice

Exams are different. They’re not the same as standard lessons, and children often make mistakes or get nervous simply because they aren’t used to taking tests or being in an exam situation. Help them practice with online quizzes and past papers so that they know what to expect. 

Encourage Exercise

Exercise is a great way to fight stress and take their mind off their nerves. Exercise can also help them to sleep and boost concentration. If they don’t feel like exercising or have canceled any regular lessons to make time for revision, take them out for a short walk after school or between revision sessions. 

Feed Them

When it comes to fighting stress, boosting energy levels, and increasing focus, food is a must. When your child is stressed out, they may forget to eat, so make it your priority. Cook healthy family meals, and make sure they’ve got plenty of snacks for revision time. 

Help with Good Sleep Habits

They’ll be tempted to stay up late to try to get more revision in, especially in the nights before the exams take place. This is a mistake. It will increase stress levels, and they’re unlikely to remember much of it anyway. Encourage them to take an hour off and do something relaxing before going to bed at a sensible time. 

Let Some Rules Slide

The worst thing that you can do right now is give them more to worry about. So, ask yourself if all of the rules really matter. Will it hurt if they don’t tidy their room for a week? Let the small things go.

Make Revision Easy

Exams are challenging because they aren’t what we’re used to, but nor is revision. Many kids find it hard to get into the swing of revising, going over notes, and checking their knowledge. So, make it easy for them. It will help them to cure exam stress. Set aside revision time, make sure they’ve got a quiet and comfortable space, and offer to help with questioning, reading, and even fun revision games. 

Treat Them

Your child is working harder than ever. Treats help them get through, but also show them that their hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed. You might want to plan a big treat, like a family day out for the end of exams, but other treats don’t have to be big or expensive. Baking their favorite treats, cooking meals that they love, and allowing a little extra screen time at the weekend can be effective. 

It’s probably fair to say that most children will struggle with nerves before exams, no matter what. But, with the help and support of their parents, these nerves should be minimal, and certainly not enough to cause exam stress, anxiety, or other health issues.

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