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8 tips for Scope in geography after class 12th

geography courses after 12th .Who knows about the criticism many students from Arts and Humanities stream face for their academics than the students themselves? Although the society is progressing and leaving behind their old set of values, many people still scrunch their faces after learning that their neighbor’s daughter or son decided to pursue Arts. Arts and Humanities students get mistaken as dumb students who could not study physics or accounting and thus chose to study history. Here are all about the 8 tips for scope in geography after class  12th.

But in recent times, studies show that a good qualification in the Humanities stream has the potential of students earning more than their science and commerce counterparts. If you find yourself attracted to the vastness of subjects when it comes to earth and humans, then a future in geography might be in store for you. In this article, we will mention the scope in geography courses after 12th standard, how you can achieve your dreams, and what are options available for you.

Undergraduate degree

The first and foremost step to take when wanting to pursue a career in Geography is to obtain a UG degree from a reputed university. Doing so will not be difficult as there are usually no entrance exams to appear for to gain admission, it all depends on your 12th board result, mainly your geography marks. As there is no entrance exam, utmost priority is given to your board exams itself, through this you will be able to score a seat in the best colleges in the country like Delhi University which has a cut off of 90% of B.A. and B.Sc. in Geography. This tip will help you to find scope in geography courses after 12th.

Postgraduate degree

Though it is highly recommended, it is not compulsory to choose to go for a master’s degree. You will undoubtedly have a better career in geography prospects if you are more highly qualified. There are no specializations in Geography as there are in Medical for PG. Many universities like Jamia Milia in Delhi require students to sit for an entrance exam to acquire admission into a PG program. In the test, their knowledge of the geography of their UG course will be examined and they will be given admission based on 12th marks, UG marks, and test results.

Further education

You can choose to pursue M. Phil or Ph.D. in Geography whether in India or abroad. In other fields and professions in life, job opportunities and salaries are increased based on the experience of the student, but it is quite the opposite of geography. It is important to start gaining some experience in this field, but higher education is even more important. Better education will land you a better job right in the first try. Some of the career paths are listed here. This tip will help you to find scope in geography after class 12th.


Perhaps the most popular profession in B.A. and B. Sc is being a lecturer in college or teacher in school or professor in a university. Salary is such a profession depends on your qualifications as well as your experience, the longer you teach for, the higher salary you will have. If you have always had a passion for teaching and passing knowledge, then this can be your dream come true.

GIS specialist

GIS stands for Geographic Information System and National Geographic defines it as “computer software that is used for capturing, storing, checking, and displaying data related to positions on Earth’s surface.”  A GIS specialist is an expert in handling the GIS computer system and retrieve important information for it and thereby, help organizations and individuals with their geographical needs. Without such software or individual expert in this software, we would not have location-enabled services such as Swiggy or Snapchat.

Urban Planner

With urbanization and modernization and emerging democracies all over the world, Urban Planner is a profession that is quite an in demand. They help city governments to carefully plan and develop various projects across the city by keeping in mind the land structure, population, environment, air quality, water quality, transport facilities, etc. The average salary of an Urban Planner is more than 5 lakhs per annum. This tip will help you to find scope in geography courses after 12th.

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Travel and Tourism

Tourism has a geographical nature; we do not get to decide what places are tourist spots and which are not. The government does. A travel and tourism officer helps governmental organizations, and sometimes private organizations in trying to understand the various spots and destinations in a city, state or country that are tourism-friendly and thus generating revenue for the place.


Demography is a study of the human populations which is part of Physical geography. Demographers study key patterns in residents of a country such as migration, the reasons for migration, shift in populations, births, and deaths etc. to help the government prepare various studies and census. These are just some of the many careers one can adapt after pursuing Geography, few other noteworthy options are Travel Journalist, Geomorphologists. If you are passionate about the climate and saving the planet then there are numerous options for undertaking such as climatologists, hydrologists, or meteorologists. Visit careerguide now.


Assess your interests and strengths: Start by identifying your interests and strengths in the field of science, particularly mathematics. Reflect on the areas of math that you enjoy the most, whether it’s algebra, calculus, statistics, or another subfield. Consider your skills, aptitudes, and natural talents in math, such as problem-solving, analytical thinking, and logical reasoning. Understanding your interests and strengths can help you align your career path with your passions and abilities.

Explore career options: Research and explore different career options in the field of science, particularly mathematics. There are numerous career paths that involve math, such as mathematician, data scientist, actuary, financial analyst, operations research analyst, and many more. Learn about the requirements, job responsibilities, work environments, and growth prospects of different math-related careers. This can help you identify potential career options that align with your interests and goals. Visit careerguide now.

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