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Exam Highlights
  • Exam Name
    PTE Exam
  • Mode of Conduction
  • Exam Duration
    3 hours
  • Medium of the exam

The PTE Academic exam is conducted throughout the year, making it easier for the candidates to opt for any PTE exam dates they want. It is always advisable that candidates should focus on the upcoming dates to not miss out on any exam. Candidates can check the official PTE site to check the PTE exam dates 2022.

Month PTE Test dates
July 2022  09, 15, 16, 22, 23, 28, 29, 30.
August 2022  04, 05, 06, 11, 13, 19, 20, 25, 26, 27.
September 2022  01, 02, 03, 10, 17, 24.
Exam Pattern

Candidates need to start their PTE study by knowing about the PTE exam pattern which tests the main 4 skills of English: PTE Reading, PTE Listening, PTE Speaking, and PTE writing. PTE Speaking and PTE writing exams are taken together. The PTE results are based on the scoring system of the Global Scale of English. The PTE exam pattern also consists of 10 minutes optional break. It is always helpful for a candidate to take a PTE mock test to properly understand the exam pattern.



PTE Exam Pattern: PTE Speaking and Writing

PTE Speaking and Writing section start with a personal introduction that requires the candidate to speak about their prompt. This is one of the PTE tools required to send to the universities/colleges to have better knowledge about the candidate. This section of the PTE exam is split into various small segments and this section is 77-93 minutes long. Remember, this task is not scored. The PTE test format is stated below:

  1. PTE Read Aloud: This task requires the candidate to read a prompt of around 60 words, prepare for 30 – 40 seconds then read it aloud;
  2. PTE Repeat Sentence: Here, a 3 – 9 seconds recording will be played which needs to be repeated;
  3. PTE Describe Image: Candidates get 40 seconds to illustrate an image displayed. The PTE tutorials speaking help in preparing for this section;
  4. PTE Re-tell Lecture: Candidates will listen/view around 90 seconds of the lecture and re-tell it in 40 seconds in their way;
  5. PTE Answer Short Question: Here, a question will be played off for 3 – 9 seconds, and candidates need to respond within 10 seconds in one or more words;
  6. PTE Summarize Written Text: Read around 300 words of text and summarize it in 1 sentence of not more than 75 words;
  7. PTE Essay: Test-takers need to write a 200 – 300 words PTE writing essay. Candidates during their PTE study online need to practice hard to excel in this section.

PTE Exam Pattern: PTE Reading

The Reading part of the PTE test is 32-40 minutes long. During the PTE practice, candidates are required to thoroughly go through the PTE tutorials reading to ensure a high score. Also, candidates must finish all the sections within the given time limit. The PTE test format of the PTE reading section is as followed:

  1. PTE Reading and Writing Fill in the Blanks: A prompt length of around 300 words with blanks attached with dropdown boxes is presented, the test takers need to select the right answer from the options given;
  2. PTE Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer: Candidates need to opt for more than one accurate answer after reading the text, this section carries negative marking.
  3. PTE Re-order paragraphs: Several texts are placed randomly, candidates need to place them accurately;
  4. PTE Reading fill in the blanks: In PTE reading fill in the blanks also, the test-takers need to select the accurate answer from the dropdown box;
  5. PTE Multiple Choice, Single Answer: Here, the candidates are required to opt for a single answer.

PTE Exam Pattern: PTE Listening

The PTE listening test comprises audio/video clips that are played only once. Therefore, the PTE tutorials listening should be practiced properly. The PTE test format of the listening section is as follows:

  1. PTE Summarize Spoken Text: Candidates are required to respond to a recording in a 50 – 70 words written text;
  2. PTE Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer: Listen to a recording, and select more than one accurate answer;
  3. PTE Fill in the Blanks: Here, the test-taker listens to a transcript and fills the blanks with the missing words. The PTE mock tests are a great way to understand this section.
  4. PTE Highlight Correct Summary: Listen to a recording and select the most suitable paragraph;
  5. PTE Multiple Choice, Single Answer: Similar to the MCQ with multiple answers, here the candidate just needs to select a single correct answer;
  6. PTE Select Missing Word: Candidates are required to listen to a recording and select the right word that is missing;
  7. PTE Highlight Incorrect Words: Listen to a transcript and mark the incorrect words as displayed on the screen of the same transcript;
  8. PTE Write from Dictation: Listen to a recording and write it down in sentences.

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