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How COVID-19 impacted on students studies

COVID-19 has troubled each and every soul on this planet and its impacts on students’ studies. But it has caused a huge upheaval in student’s education. It has vastly and negatively impacted student’s education, created a huge around of panic across the world for teachers and students. Students were abruptly stopped from giving their board exams obviously for their own safety.

Their exams were said to be put on hold, causing them to think that it’s going to be taking place the next month or so. All their efforts and studies went in vain or down the drain. The virus is still out and the students are stuck in their houses with absolutely, no contact with their education, friends, or even any particular physical activities. So, to prevent all of this from happening schools and colleges decided on digital education where students don’t miss out on their education or the year itself. 

So many students have missed out on their graduations and farewell, students who were supposed to start their years of education in abroad are stuck back home. Students stuck in their abroad universities are unable to come back home, all of this has taken a toll on student’s mental and physical health as well.

So, the government with the help of schools and colleges has responded to such a predicament by giving out suggestions on how to recover or save as much time as possible by preventing any further loss of education for COVID-19.

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Disruption in Education

Yes, this is undoubtedly true- that there has been a huge disruption in the education of students. But there are ways through which the students can get back on track with their education, at least for the students who are not in their final years or giving board exams. Students who are in mid semesters are able to pick up their studies and start studying for their further semesters. Covid-19 isn’t going to be able to destruct the education of students any further. Some exams have also been taken through various other online modes for example- through google classroom, through google forms, etc.

Promoting without examination

This may be an advantage for students and they may be happy with the colleges or school’s decision to pass students without having to give an exam. But they don’t know that this loss is something, they should not be happy about. But the results have been declared for some years students on the bases of their previous exam or their internal exam marks. They have been passed on the basis of their projects, assignments, or the daily test. This has been more difficult for teachers than on students, teachers have been struggling a lot during these unfortunate events. They have put so much of their time and effort into looking out how to progress in their student’s studies.

Students stuck in an education limbo

Students have stuck in the limbo of passing out or getting into a new university as first years, they have an uncertain future ahead of them. They may be facing more loss than any other student during this period of time. They are really stuck in a mess where they don’t know if they are going to receive their degree on time after they finally pass out will they be able to get jobs. Will the first-year students get into any good colleges, will they be able to cope up with the speed of completing the course cause it’s obvious that when the colleges re-open the are going to be teaching students in a really fast pace, to catch up on their missed out study period.

Encourage students to continue distance learning

Distance learning, more like digital learning. Honestly, through digital learning, we did discover or uncover a new perspective of such a type of education. This motivates students to study in the comfort of their homes. Teachers had to learn more than the students just to make sure that what they were teaching was executed perfectly. So, there were no misunderstandings and students understood everything without having any more troubles. The multiple FaceTime software or applications had never looked so beneficial until times like these made them so valuable. It works so amazingly that people are actually able to work from home, and are still able to earn, but this is just an advantage on a side note.

Students facing problems due to lack of technology

Students who are a bit unfortunate in the technology department had to or still have to struggle a lot. Even though they have the opportunity to continue with their education they are not able to study the cause of these disheartening disadvantages of not owning a laptop or even a phone. So, students are still facing these impacts of Covid-19 and are losing their precious study period.

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