Importance of environmental education for class 12th students

In this article, we will go through some of the points which will highlight the importance of Environmental Studies Education in the life of class 12TH students. IMPORTANCE OF ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES EDUCATION FOR CLASS 12TH STUDENTS. Environmental Education, also known as Environment Studies in some cases, is a compulsory course in the yearly curriculum in the schooling years as well as the graduation years. Class 12th is a year that holds crucial importance in each student’s life. This is considered to be the final year after which you will step into the real world and will face real-life situations that may or may not be crucial in your life. But have you ever thought why this subject is taught again and again every year for 12 to 13 years and more?  The reasons lie to the facts mentioned below. Let us go through some of the points which will make you aware of the importance of Environmental studies education for every class, especially class 12th students.

environmental education

General knowledge

General Knowledge about the environment and the facts related to the environment is one of the biggest benefits which the students get after reading this particular subject. Class 12th students are a major turning point where awareness about the opportunities is very important for the students. Environmental Education is also a field where there are opportunities under the career as well as the societal sectors. Information about the regulatory bodies such as the UN and many other factors make it important for class 12th students to look into its effects and other opportunities.

Problems in the surroundings

The study of Environmental Education, in class 12th, helps the students to look into the current problems that are required for every student to grow. It is indeed a very important phase for every student to look and analyze into the problems that are currently prevailing and affecting not only one particular country but all around the world. So, to help and contribute to the solutions to the problems, proper knowledge about the problems that are happening in the surroundings is very important to have.  This particular makes it important for class 12th children to look into a particular subject and read it thoroughly to analyze the problems accurately.

 environmental education AFTER 12TH

Sustainable use

Sustainable use of resources is a must requirement for all the people to have. If we try to inculcate the factors which can help in the improvement of the situation from their early days, then a good and aware future population will be able to understand the value of sustainable use of resources so that their needs are fulfilled and no loss takes place at the same time. Therefore, it makes it necessary for the students to read Environmental Studies so that they get aware of the situation and make the sustainable use of the resources as they form the future population and will be a user of such resources.

Collaborative study

Environmental Education is a subject that is a part of the collaborative study. The term Collaborative study, also known as collaborative learning is a kind of umbrella term that holds a variety of methods to pursue your education in the best way possible. The benefit of a collaborative study of Environmental Education is to understand the importance of Intra-personal skills such as leadership, teamwork, the importance of awareness campaigns, and so on. This subject helps the students to learn the use of these skills in the preservation of the environment. Another benefit which people get from this is that it helps you to learn the practical use of these skills rather than just studying it theoretically.

importance of environmental education

Current Affairs and the Environment

The situation of the environment all around the world is deteriorating day by day. Many issues get publicized through different social media channels. To understand the situation to its roots, we need to prior information about those topics as without knowing about the concept from the base, we will not be able to understand the full information. For instance, we need to understand the role and formation of the World Health Organization (WHO) and other bodies that take care of specific tasks and carry out the task of establishing new rules and policies relating to the environment or any other factors.

importance of environmental education

3R Policy

You all must be aware of the 3R policy. What is 3R’s policy? The terms 3R are expanded to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. How do you know about this policy? Yes. This policy is mentioned under the Environmental Studies subject which helps the students to know about the part where we need to act accordingly. All these factors which help us to understand the sustainable use of environmental resources make it necessary for the subject to be taught to class 12th students as they are the one who will have to put these theories into practicality.


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