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Hostel For Male
The hostel of the University is maintained with great care. It serves good and healthy food for the students. It provides a huge library with all types of books. The hostel is good with 3 sharing rooms in boys hostel and some with 2 sharing rooms. The problem of hot water arises in winters.
Hostel Fees per semester
  • Hostel Fees (Male)
    1.20 L
  • Hostel Fees (Female)
    1.20 L
Hostel For Female

 The hostel are fully furnished and air conditioned. They provide all the basic amenities and a separate dining is available for the hostel students. Students have to share their room and have separate beds for each. They also provide WiFi and study areas for the students.

Training & internships
Internships are industry-oriented practices incorporated with academia to make the students more employable and job ready. Summer internship is a compulsory and integral part of IILM curriculum and provides a valuable opportunity to work closely with professionals in the chosen field.
► The duration of summer internship is at least 8-12 weeks.
► Summer internships begin after the First and Second year.
► It helps students develop knowledge, skills and experience.
► Students obtain first-hand experience of the business world.