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Hostel For Male

Currently IIAD does not have a hostel at present but will be opening soon in the near future.

Top Alumni
  • Anoushka Mann placed at "Office Banao"
  • Nishil Sharma placed at "Design Plus Architects"
  • Aakansha Kumari placed at "Decathlon"
  • Anjali placed at "Legat Healthcare Technology"
  • Esther Lily Asha Toppo placed at "SoStronk"
  • Anu Priyanka placed at "Design Plus Architects"
  • Righa Jhanji placed at "H&M"
  • Krutika Sharma placed at "Ekta Design Studio"
  • Janvi Khera placed at "Yatra"
  • K.Muthulakshmi placed at "Aditiya Birla Fashion"
  • Abhiveer Mehta placed at "H&M"
Training & internships

8+16 Learn on site-internships

Step into the real world and focus on learning various aspects of the industry. Two Learn-On-Site internships of 8 and 16 weeks embedded within the course curriculum provide you with a wholesome 24 weeks of industry experience before you graduate. This adds professional experience to your portfolio and ensures that you graduate not just with a degree but also with an impressive resume.

Last Date to Apply: April 14, 2023
Entrance exam date: April 21, 2023 (online) and April 22,2023 (online And Offline)
Industory Projects

Collaborative Projects:-

IIAD collaborate with the industry on “Live projects” where students work on real-world design opportunities with the business organisation as their client. Students make client presentations, work on a defined budget and take their ideas into production. IIAD also invites leading design practitioners to envision and lead studio projects, addressing contemporary design concerns.


By bringing the industry to the classroom, IIAD creates an integrated experience, and exciting career opportunities. This makes you an employable professional with a competitive edge in a fast-moving industry.

Last Date to Apply: April 14, 2023
Entrance exam date: April 21, 2023 (online) and April 22,2023 (online And Offline)
Placement Stats 2021

Companies Visiting 2021

FabIndia, Ogilvy, Netflix, Garage Society, 11.11, Design Brewery IBM, Gartner, E&Y, Cognizant, Yatra, FabIndia, Orient Craft, Eka Design, Amit Aggarwal, Incubus, Decathlon, H&M, Design Plus Architects, Burberry, Freecultr.and many more.


Admission Open 2023