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What to Choose- College vs Course

Students often find themselves in between a huge dilemma when it comes to choose between their dream college and their dream course. People stress on the fact that they must pay special attention on their course because their educational qualifications and merits are going to give them promising results. But we should not forget our educational institutions plays a major role in harnessing our strengths effectively. Our colleges determine our personality development and it influences our placements. A good college offers us with wide range of varieties and exposure that a mediocre college doesn’t. Therefore, these aspects and individual benefits that our dream college and course offer make the process of selection even tougher. The decision that we make for ourselves is very essential and plays a crucial role in impacting our career and future endeavors. The decision that the students make could be life altering and that puts additional stress upon the students.


Today, we are going to look at different factors before coming to a conclusion, evaluation of our choices might make this grueling task of selection simpler.


If you are not sure about your Career Goals-

If you are not sure about what you want to pursue and want to explore with the options available with in front of you, it is always better to choose a better college. A better college will provide you diverse avenues and encourage you to take up different extra curricular activities. It is not necessary for you to go for a course that is related to the stream you chose in 11th and 12th. Exploring your options will provide room for you to understand what your interests actually are; therefore, it would be beneficial for you to opt for a better college. Better colleges will also make sure that your placements are sorted by the end of your course, it boosts your CV and gives you a flourishing kick-start.


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Liberal arts subjects are often very flexible; therefore, if you’ve secured Sociology in a college and notice that a better college is offering you B.A. Program (with the option to major in sociology), then you might want to choose the better college. Though it is always advisable to do your own research, you might want to look into the course curriculum of your chosen college. It is essential to look into the structure of the curriculum that the colleges are offering you, try to research about the course you want to study and how the college would be teaching you your preferred subjects. Also, find out how your course would contribute to your skill building and try to compare your options. Look how your qualifications will guide you and help you secure your desired career. By taking everything into account, you can successfully make a decision for yourself. If you’re getting a related course of your choice in a better college, you would want to know how the educational and the college experience together will help you excel in life.


If there is a difference between the course you are getting and the course you actually want-

You don’t want to ruin your entire career decision and run after a good college that is not offering you your desired course. If you’re getting an offer in a better college, but the course they’re offering you is totally different from what you want to study, then you must reconsider your decisions. College experience won’t be able to provide you the satisfaction that comes from studying the course of your own choice, therefore, you should not give away your desired course for a better college. If the curriculum doesn’t match your interests and potentials, then would be just wasting your years in the name of ‘college experience’.

It is essential to make a smart decision for ourselves; choosing a college can be an intimidating process, but if we consider our options and analyze what we want, then this process becomes very easy. Therefore, we must ensure that we do not make any wrong decisions for ourselves.


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If you have a clarity about your Career goal-

It is the most perfect situation to be in; if you are sure what you need to do in your life and have it all planned from before, then you must look for courses that helps you reach your goal. For example- if you want to become a professor, you must only look forward to specializing in the subject of your interests. Therefore, even if a mediocre college is offering you the subject that you always desired and wanted to study, do not hesitate to take the offer. Your merits and hard-work are going to define your career endeavors.

Make sure that whatever you do, you try to avoid to study a course which doesn’t interest you. Make a smart and wise decision for yourself.

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