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Why should you be concerned about your career

Dear Students, we all know how important it is to build a proper career to live a successful life. Also, nowadays to pay your expenses or fulfil your requirements, you definitely need a proper job with a satisfactory salary so that you can live your life in a better manner as compared to others. So today’s topic may be a bit boring but I’ll try my best to make this a bit interesting for you readers. So yeah, you have already understood that we are going to talk about a career when I said that it’s something related to boredom. Lol, I wish I could add some emojis to this article. Okay, jokes apart, let’s get into the so serious but not that serious topic.

Before starting about why you should be concerned about your career, you need to know that career and job are not the same thing, rather job is just a part of your career.

A Motivational Story: Think about your career

Once upon a time there were two guys named Rohan and Raj. Both were very good in nature. Raj was somehow better in studies than Rohan. On the other hand, Rohan was more fun loving. Raj used to complete his homework timely. Rohan used to complete his homework just before submitting, mostly, by copying from his friend’s notebook after reaching school. Raj used to study everyday for some particular hours. Rohan used to study just the day before exam. Raj used to get above 90% marks. Rohan used to get around 60% marks. Raj had a very tidy and a very tidy and disciplined appearance. Rohan had a very messy appearance. Raj used to save most of his pocket money. Rohan used to waste most of his pocket money. Now, Raj was always disciplined and prepared. Rohan was always messy an used to prepare just during the last moment.

After 10 years, they passed their college life and sat for an interview conducted by a renowned MNC. During a group discussion the interviewers asked questions which were out of syllabus and skill related too. Leading a disciplined lifestyle, Raj could upskill himself in his free time and also prepared about topics which were out of his syllabus, so he could answer all the questions appropriately and with confidence. On the other hand, Rohan being indisciplined, couldn’t manage his academic studies only, as a result he had no specific skills and was academically poor too. As a result, he couldn’t answer the questions. Raj got the job and Rohan couldn’t.

After 15 years, Raj had a happy family with proper savings for future, a promotion in his job due to continuous upskilling. On the other hand, Rohan had a job with a very low salary and his family members never respected him, and he had savings for future.

He had struggle balancing his personal and job life. He always used to get indignation in office for not submitting tasks within the deadline. Even everyone got better jobs than him in his friend’s circle so he stopped meeting with them due to his ego.

After 25 more years, Raj got retired but didn’t have to worry about his expenses because he already had savings for his life as well as for his children’s higher studies. But Rohan had no savings, he got fired from job due to not working properly, his family members left him, his friends made fun of him, and he had nothing or no one to take care of him in his old age. Raj could even bare the expenses for his children’s higher studies so that they have a secure career too but Rohan never even thought of his own career.


So you see, it’s important to be concerned about our career because our entire life depends on that. You have to learn to prioritize your career in order to secure a better future. Not only that, your generation may suffer from poverty just because you never cared to take your career seriously. All of you must have seen the cartoon character Nobita, how he isn’t serious about his life, studies or career so Doraemon comes from future to recover his mistakes so that the generation doesn’t suffer. But in your case you won’t find a Doraemon, so you have to make it yourself. So please start taking and prioritizing your career seriously and never be responsible for someone else’s failure. Now you must be thinking that you don’t care about your generation. What if the same thing was thought by your parents or grandparents? Then you wouldn’t even have such a life where you could sit, relax and read this article right? So don’t be selfish and start improving yourself for at least your own sake.

I hope this article wasn’t that boring and could make you understand why it is necessary to be concerned about your career.

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