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How To Know If You Have Toxic Traits

If you want to know if you have toxic traits, you are in the right place. We always see a lot of toxic people surrounding us but do we ever see whether we are ourselves toxic or not? No right? Well, toxicity is something which prevails in all of us. But if your level of toxicity has exceeded your level of goodness or is equal to it then there’s the problem. But how will you understand if you have toxic traits or not?

For that, you need to read this article till the end.

Let’s Get Started

Firstly, do you know why people call someone as toxic? Because somehow they are not good for others in some way or other. Mostly they give off negative vibes to others.

So here are few ways to make you understand whether you have toxic traits or not.

You Can Never Be Wrong

You always have an urge to prove yourself right no matter if you yourself feel that you are wrong. You can extend an argument to anything just to prove yourself right. You may not care about hurting anyone’s feeling intentionally just to win that argument in the peak moment. You can even personal attack someone if there’s no other option for you to win.
This shows that you are mentally toxic and you need to accept that no can be right always but that doesn’t mean that the world ends here. So if you have this trait, do work on this. Do you have this toxic trait?

You Make Others Feel Worthless

You always tend to demotivate people with your unnecessary harsh words. And the funniest part is that you do it intentionally to prove that you are the best or you know the most. So if you have such trait then please stop yourself from hurting others because you never know how your words can affect someone else’s mind. So never intentionally become a reason for someone else to hate you more. Do you have this toxic trait?

You Talk Behind The Back

This is one of the most toxic traits that someone can ever have. If you talk good about someone in front of them and start to talk trash about the same person when they are not present then you are the cheapest personality that everyone would try to avoid sharing their secrets or problems with. This will happen because the person whom you are sharing your thoughts already will judge that you can do the same when they are not present. And it’s not their bad to judge you like that because the problem actually lies within you. Do you have this toxic trait?

Your Friends Are Negative Too

You have a huge friends circle who love your presence while doing any crime or bad acts. But when it comes to your good then they would just vanish. Also, positive-minded people or simple people will always try to ignore you and try to stay away from your ways. You may feel that they are afraid of you, but actually, they hate you for your sick mentality. You and your surroundings will always be toxic if you are filled with negativity. Do you have this toxic trait?

You Won’t Think Twice Before Causing Harm To Someone

Seriously? Just because of the fun ways of your own sake you are actually pushing someone else to land up in depression and anxiety? You can do anything to get what you want. This is the worst trait that anyone can have. If you have this trait then you are highly toxic. Do you have this toxic trait?

You Never Apologize

In spite of knowing that the fault lies in you, you never apologize. Rather what you do is, you make others apologize for your fault by completely manipulating their emotions for you. This also shows that you are taking advantage of people just to fulfil your own needs. This is high time for you to understand that you are the wrong person for everyone.

These aren’t the only ways to identify whether you are toxic or not, there are a lot more. But if you have any of these toxic traits then please focus on yourself to remove them out of yourself. If you don’t focus on these things then you may initially be happy being such a person but in long term, you are going to suffer a lot. Do you have this toxic trait?

Remember One Thing

Everything can wait but in your entire life if you cannot become a good person from both your mind and heart then you will achieve nothing in life.

This article may sound very harsh and you may ask that I’m hampering your mental health then let me tell you one thing, if a person has these toxic traits within themselves then they can never feel depressed if someone blames them because think that they are the best. Now your major priority should be working on yourself. Wish you all the success in future in order to become a good human being first.

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