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8 Importance of ECA (Extra-Curricular Activities) for 10th students

In this article, we will discuss the importance of ECA (Extra-Curricular Activities) for class 10th students. 8 IMPORTANCE OF ECA (Extra-Curricular Activities) FOR CLASS 10th STUDENTS. Extra-Curricular Activities, also known as ECA in short, holds exponential value in the lives of class 10th students. However, not all the students participate in such activities, considering them as a wastage of time and useless.

Extra-curricular activities help the students to get all-round development in their lives. Extra-Curricular Activities offers great opportunities to students which are not in the yearly curriculum. Not all the things you can get just inside a classroom. There are several skills and benefits which you will get through the Extra-Curricular Activities. So, we will discuss some of the skills which get developed through the importance of ECA (Extra-Curricular Activities).

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Social Skills

Extra-Curricular Activities helps you to develop your social skills. Class 10th is a period when you explore new things and develop new skills in yourself. You look into various new activities that you find interesting and develop new etiquettes in yourself. Various social skills such as communication skills, friendliness, and several other features get developed into you. Class 10th is considered as the best period when you inculcate new features into you.


The opportunities to get yourself comfortable in the outer surroundings come at an early age itself. It is very difficult to give yourself exposure when you get busy with more work and studies in your future path. The best way to get exposure is through the Extra-Curricular Activities in your early days so that you can get adapted to your daily lifestyle in accordance with the society present out there. Class 10th is the best time when you can start learning how to develop new skills while doing regular tasks. The benefit of exposure is the best in the field of ECA or Extra-Curricular Activities.

Career Paths

Career Paths are the things that hold a great part of the value in a person’s life. Since the major path of your journey starts from class 10th onwards, you need to understand what capabilities you have and what you want to do in your future as a career. With the help of extracurricular activities, you can do this task very easily. They act as a kind of self-assessment test where you are able to know more about yourself and choose what is right for you. They help to create new skills in you and develop the existing ones in yourself. This helps you to analyze yourself and categorize your strengths and weaknesses clearly.

Personality Development

What is first shown in a person while you meet him/her for the first time is their personality. Personality plays a vital part in creating a good and impressive first impression in front of anyone. It is not a one-day task to improve your personality. A lot of analyzing and efforts as well as the skills are required for a good personality. So, you need to start focusing on it from the beginning of the journey only. ECA gives you this benefit in an interesting and engaging manner. It gives chances and opportunities where you can test yourself and develop by going through its results. You can also check out the 7 Reasons Why Class 10 Students Need Counseling

Academic Improvement

Now, the question comes that how ECA or Extra-Curricular Activities help you to improve your academics. To get the answer, you need to look at the diverse fields that come under the umbrella of ECA. There is not just the sports field that gets covered under it. There are several other fields such as cultural activities, quizzes and academic fests and events, and so on. Participating in that helps you to enrich your knowledge and get through the main academic portion. For instance, the debates on topics which are related to your academic syllabus, helps you to understand different views and aspects that help you to create new ideas about that topic which you can express in your own words in an answer format.

Acceptance to diversity

The acceptance of diversity is a major factor indeed. India is a diverse country that holds different cultures, beliefs, and several other factors. As soon as you step out of your school, you get to see a lot of people with different views and lifestyles and opinions. To get mixed up and adapted to that diverse society in one place, which is college, you need to train your mind with awareness and the proper knowledge which you can get through the Extra-Curricular Activities as it provides such a huge exposure that you start to learn about new cultures. You can also read out 10 Recommended Books For Every Class 10 Students

Thinking out of the box

You cannot think that bookish knowledge is the only knowledge that you receive. It is not possible for you to accept and experience the facts and knowledge until you go through them personally or live in that surroundings and environment. ECA plays a vital role here. It provides you opportunities where you can experience such problems and situations and helps your mind to work productively. It helps you to think creatively and implement that creativity in your daily life. From this, you can know the importance of ECA (Extra-Curricular Activities).

Pushing the limits

What do you think about pushing the limits are? Let us understand that through an example. You are starting to learn a new topic but that seems difficult to you. However, your mother tells you how to cover this topic and tells you the importance of studying that topic in which you are trying to give up. This will make you motivated and you will put more effort than usual. This is what the task of ECA is. ECA helps you to get yourself out of your narrow comfort zone and do things in a better manner while putting more effort into things. Here is the 8 Ways To Prepare For Class 10 Exam

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