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Tips on Sex Education

10th school sex education is the process of providing information and guidance about human sexuality and sexual health. It typically covers topics such as anatomy and physiology, reproduction, contraception, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), sexual orientation, gender identity, consent, healthy relationships, and communication skills. Sex education is important because it helps individuals make informed decisions about their sexual health and relationships. It can also help prevent unintended pregnancies, STIs, and sexual violence. Here’s are the tips on sex education

Additionally, sex education can promote gender equality and LGBTQ+ rights by challenging harmful gender norms and promoting acceptance of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities. Sex education can be provided in various settings, such as schools, community centers, healthcare clinics, and online resources. It can be delivered through a variety of methods, including classroom instruction, workshops, counseling sessions, and online courses. It is important for sex education to be ageappropriate, medically accurate, inclusive, and culturally sensitive.

What is sex education?

10th school sex education is the education imparted to aid the growth of an adolescent male into manhood and that of a female into womanhood. It is basically the study of changes that the children go through during their puberty related to their physical, emotional, social, and moral issues. It gives them a better understanding of their responsibility as individuals and towards each other with a social context. This article will help you what and how sex education is important.

Importance of Sex education

It’s true, a click on the internet and there’s a ton load of information. But the question lies, is that the right way to make the students aware? Things on the internet will not speak of the hormonal changes or throw any light on gender inequality and the difference between the genders both physically and mentally, the martial sexual relationships and assaults. This is why schools need to come up and talk more about it. 10th school sex education after class 10th is necessary to give the right knowledge they need, the way they need it. Reports by WHO says that children from the age of 16-18 should be likely to receive sex education. Especially if we consider the rising rates of HIV/AIDS and STIs in the country, it is important to give the children the know how about it.

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Making sex education a taboo

10th school sex education is still one of the most unpleasant conversations with parents as considered in India. The terms like ‘sexuality’, ‘attraction’, ‘intercourse’ are considered very inappropriate in the school premises. Most students don’t even have the right knowledge about topics like menstruation, teenage pregnancy, safe sex, and homosexuality. The way sex education has been pushed aside saying it’s a ‘personal’ matter, is one of the biggest reasons for the rising crime rates related to sexual abuse in the country. It is noticed that even if such conversations take place between a teacher and his/her students, it is mostly informally.

Statistics have shown that banning sex education can provide for greater risk to children, as it provokes them to indulge in the distorted negative information available on the internet. Even the data collected by the Ministry of Women and Child Development show that a greater percentage of adolescents are exposed to sexual abuse and are unaware of it. 10th school sex given the right way can benefit children in ways unimaginable. It is important to understand that children are curious. To wade away their curiosities will not only arouse conflict in their minds but may also lead to misinterpretations.

Developments till date

In the year 1994, the United Nations International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) and its Five Year member states including India, recognized the Sexual and Reproductive rights of young people. Private schools and institutions in India have been given the liberty to choose whether to inculcate sex education in their system or not. However, most schools as recognized by the prevalent taboo has still not made any move on the same. Under the National Curriculum Framework, maximum schools have worked on gender sensitization and recognition of the creation of a suitable atmosphere for girls but that’s not enough. Sex education and it’s curriculum related to being introduced at a young age to students to increase their sensitivity towards the topic. However, to incorporate the curriculum it is mandatory to keep in mind its appropriateness according to the age group and relevancy.

What’s the right way?

The sole purpose of this kind of education should be to look beyond the realms of one’s own gender and to be aware of the responsibilities towards oneself and others. Acquiring the right knowledge about sex and its different attributes should instigate the young minds to question and to be aware. The guidance should go beyond textual knowledge and classroom discussions. It is necessary to have a counselor within the school premises to guide the students and talk to them in case of need. 10th school sex education is bound to help the formation of understandings of relationships and their boundaries in terms of friendships and relationships. Inculcating sex education the right way is a viable factor in developing a child’s psychology towards it. In that way, they are more likable to be responsible for their conduct with viable use of their conscious, rather than just being carried away by their emotions. 


Something is less about vulgarity and more about how the institutions are approaching it. Yes, there are portions in the Class 10th biology books, but the question lies if it’s enough? Times are changing and we need to move ahead with it. Just like the change in the education policy, its time we start looking different at this subject of importance too. If guided the right way, it will be a few steps closer to less discomfort and awkwardness and more knowledge. In fact, in the changing scenario, it is much needed because of the overwhelming and easily accessible information available on the internet. Thus, it is better to acquire the right knowledge from the right professional rather than some anonymous website. It is impossible to get rid of misinformation available on the internet on 10th school sex education ut it possible to get rid of the social stigma involving the same.

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