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Aug 23
Unit of Pressure: SI Unit, CGS Unit, Manometric Unit

Unit of pressure is commonly communicated in terms of Pascals. Weight is characterized as the opposite constrain constrain connected per unit zone. Weight may be a scalar amount and is applied by all three states of matter, solids, fluids, and gasses. When weight is measured relative to the encompassing weight, it is called as Gage […]

Apr 11
AFCAT & Flying with the Indian Air Force

Looking for a job becomes an important aspect for most of the students graduating from college. While few turn up for jobs in private companies, most of them try their best to clear the entrance exam for government jobs. Secure job, sustained pay, perks and allowance, profile and nature of the job are few reasons […]

  • Air Force
Jan 25
9 Career options for PCM Science

engineering, and often struggle with the thought, “If not engineering, then what?”Finishing your 12th with physics, chemistry, and mathematics (PCM) opens many doors for you.  Here are some promising career options for PCM students after class 12th other than Engineering.   ARCHITECTURE Architectural marvels such as the Burj Khalifa, The Louvre, Petronas Towers, and other buildings of the modern world don’t just pop out of thin air. These projects are intensive on planning, designing and architects do just that. They work closely with their clients to customise designs according to specifications…

Aug 21
Top colleges for B.Tech (Information Technology) in India!

The students who are willing to pursue B.Tech in Information technology and want to perceive their career in the given field can find related information about colleges and their eligibility criteria. The content will make the students know what all job opportunities are available in this field. Also, they will be able to have options to get acknowledged with and decide which college is suitable for them. This can allow the students in the science stream to know further scope in information technology.