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How To Join NCC (National Cadet Corps) After 12th

The National Cadet Corps (NCC) is a youth organization in India that aims to develop character, discipline, and leadership qualities among the youth while also providing opportunities for community service and national integration can we join ncc after 12th. The NCC is open to all school and college students in the country and has both Army and Air Wings, with the Navy Wing being introduced in select schools and colleges. NCC also offers various opportunities for cadets to participate in adventure activities, social service, and national events. In this article we will tell you about NCC full form and How to join ncc after 12th.

NCC full form

NCC full form is National Cadet Corps. It is a prestigious youth organization operating under the Ministry of Defence in India. The NCC full form, National Cadet Corps, reflects its mission to foster the development of character, leadership, and a sense of service among young men and women across the country. Through various training activities, including drills, adventure camps, and social service initiatives, NCC instills values like discipline, patriotism, and camaraderie in its cadets. The NCC full form, National Cadet Corps, is a testament to the organization’s commitment to shaping the future leaders of India by nurturing their potential and promoting an unwavering dedication to the nation and its people. So, if you’re a young individual eager to challenge yourself and contribute to society while imbibing essential life skills, consider joining the National Cadet Corps (NCC).

About NCC

Ncc Full Form

The NCC (National Cadet Corps) is the biggest uniformed youth organization in the world and is persuaded to follow the Indian Armed Forces. Its formation was done in 1950. The corporation’s head office is situated in New Delhi, India. This organization is available to volunteer-based students of schools and universities can we join ncc after 12th. It comprises the Navy, Airwing, and Army. NCC is open to schools and colleges all over the world. can we join ncc after 12th hires high school, college, and university applicants from across India. It teaches students to lead a disciplined life. But, it is not mandatory training for all students. Candidates receive basic knowledge of the military, army materials, and parade. Once the course has been completed, candidates and officers are not responsible for active military service. Read more about this article “NCC full form and How to join NCC after 12th” below.

NCC Motto

NCC’s primary motto is ‘Unity and Discipline’. It creates discipline, brotherhood, character, and  sense of adventure in the cadet’s concern. The purpose was to grow the status of the UTC and make it more attractive to the youth. It  aims at creating leadership capabilities in cadets in order to represent the country whenever they  needs them. The aim is to create a mortal resource of organized, trained, and motivated youth to provide leadership in  mission and always be available for the service of  nation. It develops the interpersonal skills of the students. can we join ncc after 12th also aims at developing character and discipline as well. NCC also invites young people to join the Navy, Indian Army, and Air Force to serve the nation. Join NCC You must fulfill the can we join ncc after 12th qualifying requirements for admission as a member of NCC (National Cadet Corps). 


  • For Juniors: 13 years to 18 years
  • For Seniors: Up to 26 years

You can earn a certificate after you register with the NCC and devote 2 years. For this, you should be between 13 and 17 years of age. You may enroll yourself for the certification of B and C on the second segment, for which you must have 3 years of experience with NCC and your age limit must be between 19 and 24 years.

The benefits of can we join ncc after 12th certificates will help you to relax in any government job. But you must clear the different phases of exams and interviews to get NCC C certificates. It’s tough to get the NCC C certificate. Most of the can we join ncc after 12th cadets leave the training in the first year or second year. If you Have NCC A or NCC B qualifications you will still get some relief but you won’t be counted in NCC Special Entry Schemes.Read more about this article “NCC full form and How to join NCC after 12th” below.

  • The candidate must be of Nepal or Indian citizenship
  • You need to have graduated from a recognized university or have to hold a degree from a recognized university with an average of a minimum of 50% in all years.
  • Must be of a true and ethical character
  • Must satisfy the medical requirements
  • Candidates need a minimum of a B grading certificate

How to join NCC after 12th

How To Join Ncc After 12th

If you have completed your 10 + 2 then the senior section for girls and boys can be applied directly. It requires 3 years for your graduate degree to complete NCC and NCC certification. It is always a smart choice to just join the can we join ncc after 12th in 1st year itself instead of joining it in 2nd year so that you finish both certifications and don’t need additional time to spend.

The can we join ncc after 12th unit may not be available in some colleges. If you are interested in joining NCC then you should go to the nearest NCC college facility and seek admission from them. You will get a response with the availability of seats in that particular college.

You’ll be regarded as a “Private Cadet” if you are chosen by an NCC officer or if you do can we join ncc after 12th training from outside college and you will be regarded as a “Regular Cadet” if you have a proper college degree along with NCC certifications.

You must clear a written examination that involves questions of general knowledge and critical questions regarding the defense if you want to get selected for NCC. If you clear the examination of NCC, the senior officer of the NCC will interview you directly. Read more about this article “NCC full form and How to join NCC after 12th” below.

Enroll in NCC

Applicants who wish to enroll in the Junior Division can apply to the Headmaster of the school and get enrolled in can we join ncc after 12th. Applicants who wish to enroll in the Senior Division can apply to the Officer Commanding Unit. To join NCC, the student needs to approach the Commanding Officer of the closest can we join ncc after 12th Unit for additional recommendations. The students can thus avail of NCC training from institutions that are already NCC sub-units, subject to the subsequent conditions:-

  • The educational institution in which the student is studying should not be having NCC.
  • The educational institution in which the student is desirous of undergoing NCC training should be placed under an NCC unit that has been declared an Open Unit by the Competent Authority.

Benefits of joining NCC

  • NCC is a well-known active youth wing. It is also a second line of defense after the army. If students like to get selected in NCC as a career choice then students would be benefited greatly from entering NCC. They will also get much to be titled and get Rs 4,00,000 since it is closely linked to the defense ministry.
  •  Cadets from NCC are learning many things such as selflessness, integrity, dedication, hard work, leadership, and many more qualities. They will also develop themselves as individuals and build confidence and leadership qualities along with communication skills.
  • All across India, NCC (national cadet corps) camps are organized. Students thus obtain plenty of chances to visit several new places and experience new traditions, customs, languages, etc.
  •  In all of these camps, they conduct military exercises and also practice other life techniques for survival such as parachuting, paragliding, general aviation lessons, shooting, and basic fighting techniques. 
  • NCC campus is held all over India, so its training is also done in various parts of the country. With this students will get an opportunity to travel to new spots and learn a lot of things. Other than the adapted environment, they also get to learn about the history of that place.
  • After the training process, some students get a chance to visit several countries which will lead to new experiences for them with the cadets who come to India from abroad. 
  • The main benefit of NCC apart from personal development skills is the certificate you get. 

             ‘A’ certificate

             ‘B’ certificate

             ‘C’ certificate

‘A’ certificate: It gives you a glance of an Indian Army. It creates a way to the ‘B’ certificate. 

‘B’ certificate: A candidate will get this certificate after attending one training camp and spending 1-2 years in the junior wing. It will then give you a way to a ‘C’ certificate. 

‘C’ certificate: To get the ‘C’ certificate, one must have the ‘B’ certificate. The candidate must have also attended 75% of the total training. He must be in 3rd year of training. The ‘C’ certificate is the most important certificate of NCC training.

FAQs about How to join NCC after 12th

Ques1. When was NCC founded?

Ans1. The NCC was passed in April 1948 and was formed on 16th July 1948. 

Ques2. What is the symbol of NCC?

Ans2. It is the NCC Crest in gold in the middle, with the letters “NCC”; encircled by a wreath of seventeen loti with a background in Red, Blue, and Light blue.

Ques3. What is the main motto of NCC?

Ans3. The main motto is “UNITY AND DISCIPLINE”.

Ques4. What does the red color depict in the NCC symbol?

Ans4. Red defines the Army. 

Ques5. What do the light blue & dark blue depict?

Ans5. Deep Blue defines the Navy and Light Blue defines the Air Force.

Ques6. How many NCC units can be allocated to the institution?

Ans6. There are no fixed numbers. 

Ques7. What is the minimum age for a student to join NCC?

Ans7. A student can join NCC training up to 26 years of age. 

Ques8. What is the dress code in NCC?

Ans8. Army cadets wear a khaki uniform. Naval cadets wear a white uniform of Navy. Air Force cadets wear a blue uniform similar to the Air Force.

Ques9. Will I ever get a chance to meet any celebrity while working at NCC?

Ans9. Yes, you will get a lot of opportunities to meet celebrities.


Let’s bring the article NCC full form and How to join ncc after 12th to an end by saying that, NCC aims at developing character, discipline, companionship, the essence of experience, and sportsmanship has developed the youth into disciplined and responsible citizens which will further help in the Nation’s Development.

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