How to join NCC (national cadet corps) after 12

About NCC

The NCC (National Cadet Corps) is the biggest uniformed youth organization in the world and is persuaded to follow the Indian Armed Forces. The corporation’s head office is situated in New Delhi, India. This organization is available to volunteer-based students of school and university. It comprises the Navy, Airwing, and Army. NCC hires high school, college, and university applicants from across India. The candidates receive basic knowledge on the military, army materials, and parade. Once the course has been completed, candidates and officers are not responsible for the active military service.

ncc national cadet corps

NCC Motto

NCC’s primary motto is ‘Unity and Discipline.’ It creates discipline, brotherhood, character, and the sense of adventure in the cadet’s concern. It also aims at creating leadership capabilities in cadets in order to represent the country whenever the nation needs them. NCC also invites young people to join the Navy, Indian Army, and Air Force to serve the nation. Join NCC You must fulfill the NCC qualifying requirements for admission as a member of NCC (National Cadet Corps). Mentioned is the age and qualification needed for NCC membership.

● Age

  • For Juniors: 13 years to 18 years
  • For Seniors: Up to 26 years

You can earn a certificate after you register with the NCC and devote 2 years. For this, you should be between 13 and 17 years of age. You may enrol yourself for the certification of B and C on the second segment, for which you must have 3 years of experience with NCC and your age limit must be between 19 and 24 years.

The benefits of NCC certificates will help you to relax in any government job. But you must clear the different phases of exams and interviews to get NCC C certificates. It’s tough to get the NCC C certificate. Most of the NCC cadets leave the training in the first year or second year. If you
have NCC A or NCC B qualification you will still get some relief but you won’t be counted in NCC Special Entry Schemes.

● Qualification

  • Candidate must be of Nepal or Indian citizenship
  • You need to have graduated from the recognized university or have to hold a degree from a recognized university with an average of a minimum of 50% in all years
  • Must be of a true and ethical character
  • Must satisfy the medical requirements
  • Candidates need a minimum of B grading certificate
ncc national cadet corps

NCC After Class 12th

If you have completed your 10 + 2 then the senior section for girls and for boys can be applied directly. It requires 3 years for your graduate degree to complete NCC and NCC certification. It is always a smart choice to just join the NCC in 1st year itself instead of joining it in 2nd year so that you finish both certifications and don’t need additional time to spend.

The NCC unit may not be available in some colleges. If you really are interested in joining NCC then you should go to the nearest NCC college facility and seek admission from them. You will get a response with the availability of seats in that particular college.

You’ll be regarded as a “Private Cadet” if you are chosen by an NCC officer or if you do NCC training from outside college and you will be regarded as a “Regular Cadet” if you have a proper college degree along with NCC certifications.

You must clear a written examination that involves questions of general knowledge and critical questions regarding the defense if you want to get selected in NCC. If you clear the examination of NCC, the senior officer of the NCC will interview you directly.

ncc national cadet corps

Enroll in NCC

Applicants who wish to enroll in the Junior Division can apply to the Headmaster of the school and get enrolled in NCC. Applicants who wish to enroll in the Senior Division can apply to the Officer Commanding Unit.

Benefits of Joining NCC

  • ● NCC is a well-known active youth wing. It is also a second line of defence after the army. If students like to get selected in NCC as a career choice then students would be benefited greatly from entering NCC. They will also get much to be titled and get Rs 4,00,000 since it is closely linked to the defence ministry.
  • ● Cadets from NCC are learning many things such as selflessness, integrity, dedication, hard work, leadership and many more qualities. They will also develop themselves as being individual and build confidence and leadership qualities along with communication skills.
  • ● All across India, NCC (national cadet corps) camps are organised. Students thus obtain plenty of chances to visit several new places and experience new traditions, their customs, languages etc.
  • ● In all of these camps, they conduct military exercises and also practise other life techniques for survival such as parachuting, paragliding, general aviation lessons, shooting, basic fighting techniques.


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