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Political Science as a career after class 12th

The method of political science is the interpretation of life; its instrument is insight, a nice understanding of subtle, unformulated conditions.” – Woodrow Wilson. Political Science is also known as Politology, this is a social science field that deals with knowledge of government. And shows us how politics works, how political parties think, how they proceed with their political activities, and stabilize this democratic world. Political studies focus on the practices of the government on the local, state, national, and international positions. Political Science is a subject that has a thin fine line between science and humanities. In this article, we will discuss the political science as a career after class 12th.

Political science is a social science that studies the theory and practice of politics and government. It encompasses a wide range of topics, including political systems, institutions, processes, behavior, ideologies, and policies. Political scientists analyze various aspects of political life, such as power dynamics, decision-making processes, political participation, international relations, and public policy.

Why is it important?

It shows us different aspects of Indian politics. This field shows us how a particular country works, helps understand its laws and policies. This degree is important as people of the future, our new future leaders know how to lead a country in a perfect manner. Political science teaches us not only our countries laws and government but also foreign countries’ policies and their steps for the betterment of their country.

Political Science works on figuring out is basic attributes of the world, they look into- Justice, the right and wrong of the society, and many more attributes. Political Science focuses on these fields like- International relations, Public Law, Political theories and philosophies, Public Administration and Comparative politics, etc. They study and help us acknowledge certain processes that show us how certain things affect our society, community, state, nation, or country. They also teach us certain concepts like- Political participation, political systems, authority, democracy, power, and influence one can have on people. Political ideologies differ from county to country. Political science work on assumptions, theories, methods, and past history a lot.

Everyone should have a basic general knowledge of political concepts and science. Cause as a legal voting citizen you should know who and why you are voting for as your country leader.

What are the benefits?

Political Science works on how to make the public understand their rights, tells us what we can do or not do, allows us to have a say in who can and cannot run our country. This subject helps us be engaged and motivates us to work as that particular countries’ citizen. It shows us how from back in history till now leaders have worked to improve our country-

What steps had they taken? What was their reaction to a particular dilemma? How fast were they able to deal with it? Political Science teaches us life as an adult it prepares us by showing us how our opinion matters as we grow.

Courses and Eligibility

Courses offered by universities are- Bachelor’s in Political Science, then Master’s or Postgraduate degree in Political Science, and if you want to study further than you can opt for a Ph.D. in political science.

Bachelor’s in Political Science is a 3-year undergraduate course. Which has many interesting subjects like- International Relations, International Politics and Public administration many more subjects like that, etc.

The eligibility criteria to apply for universities is students should be 12th passes from a recognized university and should have passed with at least 60%.

There are greater educational opportunities in foreign universities as they have more scope of practice in this field. This tip help you to make a career in political science after 12th.


There plenty of universities that promote education in political science in India. Some of these universities like-

Many Ivy League universities in the USA offer amazing Political Science degrees as well. They have one of the finest education professors and courses.

Career Scope

There are many job posts in this field-

These jobs are quite a responsible job and help in the progress of the world.


At a beginner’s level, you will make approximately- 10,000 to 25,000 INR. In the USA, you will make around $50,000 to $ 100,000.  You will earn more as you gain experience and as you gain more qualification level. Salary depends a lot on the basis of the field in political science you work in, by your demographic status and your job responsibility.


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In short, Political Science plays a major role in our society. We have been playing politics all our life. It teaches us all kinds of lessons about surviving in this world to giving us an opportunity to choose our own leader.

This is one of the most challenging subjects yet a very intriguing subject. We live in the world of laws, rules, and ideologies, political science makes it easier for us by helping us understand these attributes.

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