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Jun 13
Tips to score good marks in 10th English paper

1. Know the pattern: Be it English or any other subject, the foremost thing you must do is to look at the pattern of the paper. Doing so helps you to prepare accordingly. Go through the entire syllabus and prepare according to the latest syllabus prescribed. Section-wise preparation is a must if you want to score 95+ marks in English. Here is the paper pattern of the English exam: Section A: Reading (carries 20 Marks) Section B: Writing and Grammar (carries 30 Marks) Section C: Literature Textbook and Extended Reading Text…

Oct 17
4 Ways to gain good marks in boards exams

If you want to know about ways to gain good marks in boards, you are in the right place. Belonging to this education system, the most important criteria that are required to be a member of the good and studious student is to score great marks in exam in spite of the fact whether you […]