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Tag: phone addiction

Oct 11
How to reduce screen time when you feel it is too much

Besides the repetitive strain injury we experience in our hands, the consequences of phone addiction are mostly psychological. We have seen that angle touched on during a New York Times report of Apple cracking down on third-party iPhone apps designed to limit phone addiction. Researchers don’t definitively know why smartphones are so addictive, but they […]

Sep 28
Internet Sex Addiction Effects Physiological and Physically

let’s just dived into what is Internet sex Addiction is, which is also known as cybersex addiction. Has it has been proposed as sexual addiction character dissed by virtual Internet sexual activity that causes serious negative consequences to once physical social hot financial wellbeing. It includes various types of stuff that are like reading erotic […]

Sep 19
Ways you can beat phone addiction

Since the advent of digitalization, phone addiction is very prominent in young adults. And thus phone addiction could be life-threatening if not done something about it. In fact, high chances you won’t even realize youare an addict until it’s too late. Research says that 33% of teens do not even turn off their devices during […]

Sep 15
High time to quit your phone addiction

What is phone addiction and it’s effects? If you are not aware of the term already, high chances this is you. Not necessary we are only referring to your phone, it could be any gadget you are absorbing the highest screen time in maybe without even realizing, probably to an extent that it is affecting […]