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Category: Mental Health

Dec 21
Sharda University Course Admissions: Charting Path, Eligibility

Nestled amidst the bustling energy of Greater Noida, India, lies Sharda University Course Admissions – a beacon of academic excellence and highbrow exploration. For over two many years, this esteemed organization has empowered infinite students to carve their own paths, reworking goals into thriving realities. A Legacy of Brilliance, a Community of Brilliance Sharda University […]

Sep 01
10 positive effects of social media

Some positive effects of social media on students is to maintain relationships with friends and family, work together on projects, access educational materials, get job advice, connect with mentors, create their own personal brand, keep up with current events, improve their digital literacy skills, learn about other cultures, and have fun. When utilised appropriately, social […]

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Aug 22
12 Drawbacks Of sex Education

Sexuality keeps on being, in numerous nations, a zone that requires pressing mediations. Lately, it has been watched an advancement regarding sexual and regenerative wellbeing in Portuguese youths, however not all cases to have preventive sexual conduct yet, and not having preventive sexual practices can have genuine results as far as general wellbeing. Results demonstrated understudies who had intercourse training in school referenced all the more frequently having had less sexual danger practices (less periodic accomplices, less sex-related with liquor and medications, fewer STIs, less undesirable pregnancies, and premature births).

Aug 14
Fakir Mohan University: Courses, Placements, Scholarship, Fees

Fakir Mohan University is a state university located in Balasore, Odisha, India. It was established on July 3, 1999, and is named after the prominent Odia writer Fakir Mohan Senapati. The university is recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and offers a wide range of undergraduate (UG) , PG courses , and M.Phil courses […]

Aug 11
MJPRU Admit Card 2023 : Latest Updates, Exam Form & Pattern

For undergraduate and graduate programs including B.A., B.Com., B.Sc., M.A., M.Com., M.Sc., etc., Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Rohilkhand University (MJPRU) has announced the admit cards. Students can access the UG/PG annual exam admit card link on the MJPRU University’s official website to download their admit cards. The students must provide all necessary information, including their roll […]

Aug 11
14 Negative effects of Overthinking

Overthinking can have a variety of negative effects on an individual’s mental and physical health. Here are some common negative effects of overthinking: Anxiety: Overthinking can cause anxiety, as excessive thinking can lead to worry and rumination about potential negative outcomes, creating a vicious cycle of worry and anxiety. Depression: Overthinking can lead to a […]

Jul 22
9 Negative impacts of hostel life on a student

Every student at one point or another in their lives dreams of going to the best college in their respective fields, but many times they need to leave their home to fulfill it. There are many factors, which make the students go the hostel like rules in university, different locations, ease of transportation, or even […]

Jul 06
Negative effects of social media on students

In this growing era of social media in teenagers and students, it is necessary to know whether social media does more positive or negative to mental health. According to a report on students almost 95% of teens have smartphones, and about 75% of teens are on various social networking sites and, about 85% are on YouTube. Here […]

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Apr 10

Do you complain about forgetting facts easily or feel that you have the poorest memory in the world? Or do you feel that it is hard for your brain to grasp and learn things quickly? Do you think that your brain performs real slow? Well, there’s nothing wrong with the brain that you are born with. […]

Mar 28
Positive effects of overthinking

We regularly get with individuals that overthinking slaughter you and takes you an alternate way all together however imagine a scenario where I state that it's off-base. Overthinking isn't as terrible as it's thought of. The person who thinks a ton and dissects the long haul or momentary effect of a specific choice; is more joyful and more fulfilled. It's seen that overthinkers are more ready for any circumstance be it "fortunate or unfortunate". They are more gainful, a superior chief, and an incredible companion. Regardless of what occurs straightaway, the…

Mar 20

Each one of us aspires to be the best. We all are blessed with a unique set of talents and skills. It is really important to keep learning more about the things we are passionate about or discover something new and to keep growing. Without being a good observer or learner, one cannot excel in […]

Dec 04

As human beings, we all aspire to live long and happily for the rest of our lives. We only know too well that not just the days and years of our life span matters, but it is how we live our life that actually matters the most. Most people end up their lives with regret and guilt of not living their life they wanted to live. All of us wanted to stay healthy both physically and mentally throughout our lives, but little do we do for making it a reality. In…

Nov 29
Ethical Hacking and the issues related to it?

What Is Ethical Hacking? Hacking refers to gaining unauthorized access to the data on someone else’s server by breaking into the system. Ethical Hacking is about gaining authorized access to data to identify potential vulnerabilities in a system to protect it from malicious hackers. Ethical Hacking is nothing but a kind of security check test […]

Nov 09
All About Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Among Students

What is PTSD? Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a psychological issue that can create after an individual is presented with a horrendous accident, for example, rape, fighting, car accidents, kid misuse, or different dangers on an individual’s life. Indications may incorporate upsetting musings, emotions, or dreams identified with the functions, mental or actual trouble to […]

Nov 08
Schizophrenia- A rising issue in teens

What is Schizophrenia? Schizophrenia is a mental problem described by consistent or backsliding scenes of psychosis. Major side effects incorporate visualizations (normally hearing voices), fancies, and scattered thinking. Other manifestations incorporate social withdrawal, diminished passionate articulation, and apathy. Symptoms commonly please continuously, start in youthful adulthood, and as a rule never resolve. There is no […]

Nov 07
Defense mechanisms and Defense Mechanism Test (DMT)

What is a defense mechanism? In the psychoanalytic hypothesis, a defense mechanism is an oblivious mental instrument that diminishes tension emerging from inadmissible or possibly hurtful boosts. Sound individuals ordinarily utilize distinctive protection instruments all through life. A safeguard instrument becomes obsessive just when its industrious utilize prompts maladaptive conduct with the end goal that […]

Nov 07
DMT: Aid for selection and development of staff

Introduction During 1989 there had been developing worry about the degree of staff turnover at the Cotswold Community. Their length of stay was on the off chance that anything shorter than that of the young men. High turnover was expensive, due to the significant interest in enlistment, choice, acceptance, preparing and a while of involvement […]

Nov 06
All about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

What is ADHD? Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental issue portrayed by carelessness, or inordinate action and impulsivity, which are generally not suitable for an individual’s age. A few people with ADHD additionally show trouble directing feelings or issues with chief capacity. In youngsters, issues focusing may bring about helpless school execution. Also, […]

Nov 06
7 Common myths about suicide

Introduction Do you bring it up? What do you say? Is it better to not utter a word by any stretch of the imagination? In case you’re concerned a friend or family member is considering self-destruction, such inquiries can be hard to reply to. Yet, specialists stress that staying quiet isn’t the appropriate response. They […]

Nov 04
8 Myths about OCD

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, or OCD, is a term bandied around a great deal nowadays – ‘that is so OCD’ or ‘with regards to neatness I’m so OCD’ – however, do we truly know what it implies? At the point when we consider OCD we may infer the unpredictable investigator Monk at a wrongdoing scene contemplating whether […]

Nov 03
Models and Effects of Regrets in youth

Introduction Regret is the feeling of wishing one had settled on an alternate choice before because the outcomes of the choice were ominous. Regret is identified with an apparent chance. Its force fluctuates over the long haul after the choice, as to activity versus inaction, and concerning discretion at a specific age. The self-recrimination which […]

Nov 03
15 Ways to Overcome Regrets among students

Introduction The negative musings and emotions that go with the recollections of that-thing-that-you-did are making more issues. You’re harming yourself – your low self-esteem causes expanded pressure and sadness. You’re harming your connections – trusting you don’t have the right to be cherished really fabricates dividers among you and the individuals generally significant in your […]

Nov 03
11 Strategies to cope with college stress

Introduction During this season, school coaxes with the opportunity to live all alone, find new companions, and investigate fascinating thoughts. However for understudies — just as secondary school understudies and guardians extending for a brief look not far off — these progressions can likewise be unpleasant. Overnight, understudies separate from their conventional emotionally supportive network […]

Nov 03
13 Effects of college stress among students

Introduction The present students might be more focused than at any time in recent memory. The weights of getting top evaluations, offsetting extracurricular exercises with contemplating, and investing energy with family all add up. Furthermore, understudies deal with another personality in the advanced world. Web-based media stages are one more thing to stay aware of […]

Nov 03
9 Causes of stress in college students

Introduction Some may figure undergrads don’t encounter a ton of stress. They figure every one of them a child must do is appear for class, breeze through certain assessments, and graduate. This isn’t accurate, in any case. Stress among undergrads can be overpowering and can influence numerous zones of an understudy’s life. Various Causes of […]

Nov 02
Signs and Symptoms of OCD

Introduction OCD typically starts in adolescence or youthful grown-up years, however, it can begin in adolescence. Indications ordinarily start bit by bit and will in general differ in seriousness all through life. The sorts of fixations and impulses you experience can likewise change after some time. Indications by and large compound when you experience more […]

Nov 02
Diagnosis and Treatment of OCD

Introduction The impacts of OCD can unleash ruin on a person’s life. The fixations and impulses can consume numerous hours in an individual’s day, which meddles with family life and social exercises. Clearly, this can likewise adversely affect accomplishment at school and work. It’s imperative to recall that getting OCD treatment from an emotional wellness […]

Nov 02
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: Obsessions and Compulsions

What is OCD? Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a psychological problem wherein an individual wants to play out specific schedules consistently (called “impulses”), or has certain musings more than once (called “fixations”), to a degree which creates trouble or disables general working. The individual can’t control either the contemplations or exercises for more than a brief […]

Nov 02
10 Facts about OCD

Introduction OCD is an issue that has a neurobiological premise. It similarly influences men, ladies, and offspring, all things considered, identities, and financial foundations. In the United States, around 1 of every 40 grown-ups and 1 out of 100 youngsters have OCD. What’s more, as per the World Health Organization, OCD is one of the […]

Nov 02
Causes and Effects of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Introduction Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) highlights an example of undesirable contemplations and fears (fixations) that lead you to do tedious practices (impulses). These fixations and impulses meddle with day by day exercises and cause critical pain. You may attempt to overlook or stop your fixations, however, that lone builds your misery and uneasiness. At last, […]