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Tag: teen relationship

Sep 14
Teens breakup during the quarantine

This article is basically about quarantine breakups, their causes, positive and negative effects, and about how they affect you academically. It's been a long time since the pandemic and we have been quarantined for a long time too. These restrictions have led to frustrations and stresses. It has been a difficult time for all of us, but we need to be strong and cope up with the situation at hand. We need to learn to focus on things that matter to us and work on our goals for a bright future.

Sep 11
Fasade of Teen modern and fancy relationships

These days teen relationships are into trends, teens get into a relationship without even knowing what they are putting themselves into and they just dive into the “Castle of Fairies” which is nothing but an illusion that teen falls into because of there immaturity. Tender age is so immature that they don’t know how to […]