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Teacher Training Courses After 12th

In India and all across the world, teaching is not only seen as a profession but also a passion. If one is not passionate enough about gaining and imparting education, then one lacks all the potential to be an efficient teacher. Teaching is a very important career among many students in India today. If you want to be a teacher in any recognized school, then you should have a B.Ed degree. In this article, you will find how to e ba teacher after the 12th class and teacher training courses after the 12th class.

A career as a teacher in biology can be a rewarding choice if you have a passion for sharing knowledge and inspiring students. As a biology teacher, you would have the opportunity to educate and shape the minds of students in various educational settings, such as primary schools, secondary schools, high schools, or colleges/universities. To become a biology teacher, you would typically need to obtain a bachelor’s degree in biology or a related field, and complete a teacher education program to gain certification or licensure in your jurisdiction.

BA-B.Ed. Integrated Courses

B.A.-B.Ed. is a four-year integrated program which aims at integrating general studies in arts and professional studies in education. It provides a wide knowledge base with emphasis on CTET/STET preparation. The proposed Bachelor of Education degree in Elementary Education is designed to help prospective teachers develop the required pedagogical knowledge and skills to teach different subjects in elementary grades in the public and private sectors.

B.Sc. and B.Ed Integrated Course

B.Sc + B.Ed is an undergraduate dual degree which is of a total of 4 years duration and provides an integrated course of Bachelor of Science and Bachelors of Education. The main aim of this course is to provide extensive knowledge in various Science subjects including Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Botany, and Zoology. Through the course, students are provided with theoretical knowledge in the field of science to empower them for problem-solving skills. The minimum eligibility to pursue a dual degree in BSc + B.Ed course is to pass 10+2 from a recognized board.

Diploma in Elementary Education

It is a 2-year full-time diploma course to train teachers for the primary level and can be done with classroom training or distance learning. It is a 4-semester course to prepare students to work in primary/ upper primary schools in different states of the country. Diploma in Elementary Education(D. El. Ed) program is a specifically designed package for in-service untrained teachers working in primary/ upper primary schools of different states of the country.

Colleges in India

Bachelor of Physical Education

B.P. Ed or Bachelor of Physical Education is an undergraduate degree program in the domain of sports and fitness. The course is offered to the students who have qualified their 10+2 examinations with a minimum of 50% marks. The course duration is 3 to 4 years. A Bachelor of Physical Education is a bachelor’s degree granted by some universities. In many Canadian universities, it has been replaced by a Bachelor of Kinesiology . The degree can include topics such as sports science, coaching, and outdoor education.

Bachelor of Education

Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) is a 2-year undergraduate teaching program that enables you to pursue a career in teaching and other related fields. This course can also be commonly known as Bachelor of Training or Shiksha Shastri. It covers subjects like holistic education, psychology, guidance and counseling, and others. One with an aggregate of 50-55% in 10+2 from a recognized university or board is eligible for this course.

Pre & Primary Teachers’ Training

It is a holistic course for both the aspiring preliminary school and primary school teachers. It trains the teachers on teaching methodologies so that they can provide guidance to students to reach their maximum potential. The only educational eligibility criteria for diploma and certification courses of early childhood is that the candidate needs to have passed 10+2 level examinations successfully.

Training centers

Here are some training centers located in Hyderabad:

Advanced Courses

Some advanced teacher training courses are:

• M.Ed
• M.Phil in Education
• M.Sc Education
• MA Education

A teacher needs to understand the importance of not only the academic development of students but also the moral and emotional development of students. So, if you are planning to become a teacher, you must consider looking at certain teacher-training courses that are prevalent nowadays.


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