7 career tips on B.E. Architecture after 12th

In this article, we will discuss some tips on B.E. Architecture after class 12th. 7 TIPS TO B.E. ARCHITECTURE AFTER CLASS 12th. Architecture is one of the most sought after fields for science students after class 12th. Completing the architecture course can be long and tough. However, for those students who are interested in this field do not face many difficulties due to their strong determination and motivation. There is usually a lot of confusion in the mind of students that even if they like this field and want to go in it but what are the future prospects of this course. They are unaware of the fact that each and every field has several career opportunities and the only thing which matters is your determination and hard work to reach that career path. So, below, we will discuss some of the career options which are wide open for those students who are thinking of doing B.E. Architecture after their class 12th.  

BE Architecture

Internal and Spatial Designer

Internal and Spatial Designer, popularly known as Interior Designer, is responsible for making the internal spaces beautifully designed in a particular given time limit and a financial budget. The creativity and the fixtures are observed by any client while hiring them for work. They are responsible to create a place that looks elegant, full of creativity, and is effective at the same time. The location and type of place vary from homes to offices. So, if you think that you are creative and handle such projects efficiently, then this field is for you as you do B.E. Architecture after class 12th.

Building Surveyor

    If you are admired by the designs of the buildings and love to do the problem-solving tasks, you are looking at the right role. The role of a building surveyor is to look into the existing buildings and get the problems fixed. The main role expected under this job is to look into the problems and suggest modifications to the existing building. The modifications suggested are expected to be creative and efficient at the same time. So, if you think that you are creative enough to modify the designs of the existing buildings without hindering the existing framework, then this field is good to go for you.

    Town Planner

    Town planners or urban planners are getting in high demand keeping in view the current requirements. Since the population is growing at a faster pace, the demand for new places to live in is getting increased day by day. To start living at a new place, one looks into the favorable conditions required for them to live. Such conditions are made and created by the town or urban planners. So, if you are interested in creating a whole town by yourself, based on your architecture planning, you can choose this field after class 12th.

    BE Architecture after 12th

    Production Designer

      I believe there is no one who is not interested in the entertainment sector. If this interest is your passion, then this career field is for you. Production Designers are the ones who work with the directors and producers of the shows and films and maintain the whole visual outline of it. They are responsible for the work of the stage and theatre designing in order to make it creative as well as appealing at the same time. Since this is not an easy task, you need to have some experience also such as through internships and theatre understandings.

      Graphic Designer

        You must be thinking that graphic designing course is an IT field and what is the role of a graphic designer in the field of architecture. So, to tell you that this field is a type which is hardly resisted by the architects as it is so interesting and fun to opt for as a career. A graphic designer under the architecture field is responsible for a better representation of your views and is considered as one of the best ways for the communication part. If you think, you have the skills and interest in this field, you can go for the same after class 12th.

        PR and Communications Specialists

        Since architects are designers, they are full of creativity and new ideas. They have the ability to express their view with their clients in order to make them understand his views. If you think you are the one who is creative and knows how to express your creativity through your words, then this field is waiting for you after you go for BE Architecture after class 12th. With these two skills combined, i.e. communication skills and creativity, you can create connections with potential clients and media as well as many other people in the industry.

        BE Architecture after 12th


          The most commonly opted career in BE Architecture after class 12th is the architecture field. Even though this career might be common and challenging, yet it is interesting and inspirational to take on. One of the most fascinating things which you can find in this field is creativity. The main role of an architect here is to work with their clients to work on the creation of new buildings and the development in the existing buildings to make it better than before. It holds the creativity of the architects who creates the best in the given financial budget.  

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