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8 tips for the class 12th to focus on studies

Class 12th is indeed a major turning point in everyone’s life which requires a lot of hardwork, dedication and focus. Some students are able to put all these three together while most of the others are unable to do it due to some reasons which may vary from lack of confidence or dedication or any other reason. This is one of the most general problem that how can we secure good marks or will we be able to get the marks which we want. The answer to all these questions is yes. You might have heard several times that yes you can secure as much as you want but you need focus.

Now, this causes a certain problem for all of you, right? A major problem is a focus on studies in 12th nowadays which creates hurdles for learners in attaining good results and be an all-rounder. We are moving on to discuss tips for class 12th to focus on studies below:


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To have a proper focus in your mind, you need to have a roadmap to achieve your destinations. If you have the determination to accomplish your aim, you need to have a proper roadmap. Just as you know which roads to take while going to your friend’s house, you require to understand the structure of studying to achieve your goals.

Learn how to master later

You need to keep one of the most significant tips in mind is that you need to direct on your focus on the new concepts as the only full concentrated study will help you to grasp the content very well. If you plan ahead for your preparation, you will be able to clear the suspicion in your mind and will be able to focus in one direction at a moment.

Chapter are pawns

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If you plan your studies while making a strategy, you will observe that they are similar to a chess game. Just as in chess, you take one pawn at a time to reach to its destination to become a bigger power, you also need to take one chapter at a time with full focus to grab all the concepts in your syllabus. Doing step by step will retain your interest and you will be able to focus on the topic with full determination. You need to make sure that you do not take a lot at a time, as this will create pressure and will make you lose your focus.


Even though it sounds tough to just sit idle and close your eyes for long and resist sleep too, but once you get this practice in your habits, you will be having an assured increasing of focus in yourself. Meditation is a kind of 100 per cent effective method which will help you to clear up your mind from all the directions and will help you to focus on your study. Meditation is quite required for focus on studies in class 12th as there is a lot of pressure from everywhere to achieve your goals. Just close your eyes and try to release all the things from your mind and soon you will start to see the difference in your focus levels.

Focus on priorities

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You have been hearing as always that you need to study these many hours a day to get good marks or class 12th is the first and very important step in your life so you need to learn everything. All these bits of advice indicate nothing but your goals and priorities. It is true indeed that class 12th is one of the most important turning points in your life which prefers your further path in life. To choose the right path, you need to set your priorities beforehand and then focus as per your capability which will help you to achieve your goals in your future.

Study timetable: level-1

In order to make sure where you have to focus, you need to have a proper timetable. Through this timetable, you will be able to know that how much focus is required in one field. As you have always heard that you need to clear level 1 to reach to the second level, you need to have a study timetable as sometimes you put so much focus on the things in which focus is not required such as games and some other times, you cannot focus in the adequate amount to the right things. So, in order to always put the right amount of efforts, you need to maintain a proper study structure.

Process information, not data

The heading might seems a lit bit confusing. So let me explain the difference in both of them first. The term data is used to define the raw facts and figures which include both- necessary, important as well as unnecessary and unimportant.  On the other hand, information is the meaningful content extracted from data. So to summarise the tip, what is important is that you need to focus on information and not data. You must understand that focus automatically formulates in yourself if put it in the right amount in the right direction.

Short break for focusing

If your fundamental trouble is that you cannot develop any focus even after trying for a long time, then this tip is for you. You need to understand that brain is also a kind of machine. If you make it work for a long and non-stop hours, the brain’s capacity to retain the information will get less. So, instead of for focusing long, tireless hours, give short breaks in between to yourself in which you can relax your brain.

It is well- known that class 12th is a very hectic yet long path which needs constant determination, focus and hard work of course. If you need to ace in all-round studies, you need to follow these tips strictly in your life so that you can focus entirely on your arduous work and pass this complication with flying colours.

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