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Jun 08
Hindi Sample Paper Class 10 With Solutions

It can be very difficult to prepare for the hindi sample paper class 10 with solutions, especially in subjects like Hindi where a strong grasp of grammar, comprehension, and literature is necessary. Practicing with sample papers is one of the best ways to succeed in Hindi. Sample papers in Hindi for Class 10, along with […]

Jun 07
English sample paper class 10 with solutions

Discover the Class 10 CBSE 2019 English question paper in this detailed guide. Access download links, understand the question pattern, and get tips for effective preparation. Download : English sample paper class 10 with sulutions The value of Reviewing Previous Exam Questions The english question paper for class 10 CBSE 2019 Detailed Analysis of Every […]

Jun 07
10th Board Science Question Paper 2019 with solution

10th Board science Question Papper 2019 – Free PDF Are you prepared to ace the 10th Board Science Question Paper 2019 with solution? There’s nowhere else to look! We explore the wealth of CBSE Class 10 Science Previous Year Question Papers from 2019 in this thorough guide. These priceless tools offer a path to success […]

Jun 05
Class 10 CBSE 2019 English Question Paper

Hi there, warriors of the exam! You’re getting ready for the class 10 CBSE 2019 English question paper for the Class 10 board exam, then? You’ve come to the correct place, then. As everyone knows, passing the class 10 English board test can seem like climbing a mountain, but guess what? It all comes down to planning. […]

Jun 04
CBSE 10th Maths Question Paper Full Guide 2024

How to prepaire CBSE 10th Maths: Guide to Past Question Papers

Dec 26
Class 10 boards exams 2023-Over 29 lakh students fail

Over 29 lakh students failed Class 10 board exams in 2023, according to a statement by the Minister of Education, Dharmendra Pradhan, in the Lok Sabha on December 19, 2023. This marks an increase in failure rates compared to previous years. Several factors are being attributed to this rise, including: Learning disruptions due to the […]

Aug 22
MP Board 10th Registration 2023: Important Dates & Fees

MP Board 10th enrollment handle for the scholastic year 2022-23 will probably begin within the month of October 2022. The MP Board course 10 application frame will be distributed on the official site. Understudies showing up for the course 10 board exams can visit the official site of the MP Board at mpbse.nic.in to induce […]

Aug 17
Top Sports Career Opportunities

Sports is a multi-billion dollar industry that provides numerous career opportunities in sports for individuals who are passionate about athletics, fitness, and competition. Whether you are an athlete, coach, agent, journalist, marketer, event planner, physical therapist, or equipment designer, there are countless ways to build a successful career in the sports industry.This is very great […]

Jun 17
10 recommended online courses for every 10th class student

Students in the 10th class are often burdenedwith more than they can handle. They can engage in plenty of activities to take their mind off school and exams. Recreational time is all about relaxing and having fun, but it is all the better if you make it productive. Learning new skills and lessons (not your average classes) […]

Jun 17
7 tips to pursue MBBS after 10th class

In this article, we will be discussing some amazing tips to pursue MBBS as your career after class 10th. 7 TIPS TO PURSUE MBBS AS YOUR CAREER AFTER 10TH. Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, popularly known as MBBS, is an undergraduate program after class 12th for those who aspire to be a doctor. It […]

Jun 14
7 Tips to kick out class 10th board exam tension.

In this article, we will be discussing some of the tips and tricks to deal with tension in class 10th. Exam tension is a phenomenon that occurs in a student’s life most often. Exams indeed lead you to a stressful situation where you feel a lot of pressure and anxiety and unable to think about […]

Jun 13
ISC (Indian School Certificate) v/s CBSE (Central Board of Secondary education)

History and Affiliation: ISC was established in 1958 by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) while CBSE was established in 1962 by the Central Government of India. ISC is affiliated with the University of Cambridge while CBSE is under the purview of the Ministry of Education, Government of India.Here is article for  […]

Jun 13
Tips to score good marks in 10th English paper

1. Know the pattern: Be it English or any other subject, the foremost thing you must do is to look at the pattern of the paper. Doing so helps you to prepare accordingly. Go through the entire syllabus and prepare according to the latest syllabus prescribed. Section-wise preparation is a must if you want to score 95+ marks in English. Here is the paper pattern of the English exam: Section A: Reading (carries 20 Marks) Section B: Writing and Grammar (carries 30 Marks) Section C: Literature Textbook and Extended Reading Text…

Jun 13
10 Engineering Diploma courses after Class 10th

Engineering Diploma courses is one of the best course and has a high market value. Diploma engineers are in high demand and thus diploma in engineering can help you bag a good job. Here is a list of 10 engineering diploma courses after Class 10th that you can opt for- Diploma In Mechanical Engineering Diploma […]

Jun 13
5 Government jobs after Class 10th

With cut-throat competition among the students to bag a job according to their qualifications and requirements has not been easy for decades. Though it is not advisable to start looking for jobs just after clearing class 10th because as per the qualification the remuneration would be quite low, it’s not a nasty idea if it’s […]

Jun 13
10 Diploma courses after Class 10th

Don’t want to go further with studies after 10th? Here, is a solution, you can opt for Diploma Courses. There are lots of diploma courses after 10th. Below listed are some diploma courses, choose which interests you. Here is an article on 10 Diploma courses after Class 10th. DIPLOMA IN COMPUTER APPLICATION DIPLOMA IN HOTEL […]

Jun 13
Scope of pursuing commerce after 10th

If you’re good with numbers, good at dealing with a large number of data, have a taste in finance and economics, then commerce stream will suit you. Commerce is a popular choice among students after passing 10th standard. The range that the commerce stream offers is one of the main factors that attract students. This […]

Jun 13
8 Tips to study for 10th class

Though the 10th class is the same as any other class, with different syllabus and different books,

Jun 13
All about improvement papers in Class 10th

Often, many students feel that they didn’t score well in the board examinations. They pass the board examinations but the marks do not satisfy them. They feel that the marks were not at par with the hard work that they had put in. To give such students a second chance, CBSE gives them the option of improvement exams. The Improvement exams opportunity can be utilized by the students who want to score better marks and prove themselves. The difference between compartment exams and improvement exams is that the former is for…

Jun 13
10th class: 8 Tips for last 1 months’ preparation

The tenth class examinations, famously known as board examinations are one of the easiest examinations you will face in your life. Yet, they are one of the most dreading exams in a student’s life. This is because the marks obtained in this decide your career. In India, if you do not score high in the exams, you cannot take ‘science’ in your class 11th in most of the schools. Although the entire year is crucial, the last one month before the exams is the most important. It is the time when…

Jun 13
All about compartment exams in 10th class

Due to some reasons, some students cannot pass in a subject or two in the board examinations. The compartment exams are conducted for such students. The students are given three chances to clear the compartment examination. If they fail to do so, they are admitted to their previous class. The regular students can approach their schools where the school administration will help them fill the form for the compartment exams. Private students need to apply at the CBSE website where they'll have to enter their details. Usually, the form is available…

Jun 13
Depressed over low marks in 10th! What’s next?

Depressed over low marks in 10th What is next I was greatly surprised to find out the 10th class certificate of my friend, who turned out to be a medical student, out of pure passion. I couldn’t believe that an all India rank holder had been a below-average student till high school! Do your 10th […]

Jun 13
Scope of pursuing science after 10th

In the student’s case, the biggest dilemma after passing the tenth class examination is whether to take a science stream or commerce stream, or arts stream as their future and career options are dependent on choosing the right stream. Choosing streams after class 10th is the first major step taken in deciding future career goals. What career opportunities […]

Jun 13
Scopes of pursuing humanities after 10th

If you think science isn’t your cup of tea and commerce is too dull for you, then you should surely consider Humanities/Arts after 10th. And why you should do that? Maybe because you are genuinely interested in the subjects or maybe you have full-time hobbies to pursue along with the studies. Humanities/arts as a stream is […]

Apr 08
List of Olympiads, How to Prepare, and their Benefits

List of Olympiads, how to Prepare, and their Benefits. The education sector has been the most dynamic sector ever. With ever changing study requirements, there have been developments in this field. One such development, was with the introduction of Olympiad exams. These are national and international level exams conducted for students to compete with one […]

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Mar 27
10 tips for Exam Preparation to Ease Your Worries

exams.It is, however, difficult to know how best to manage your preparation period until you have some experience. Some of these tips sound like ‘common sense’, and relate to the importance of looking after yourself. Others are more about how you do your studying.Both types are important, and will help you to both study better, and perform better in the exam. Give yourself enough time to study Don't leave it until the last minute. While some students do seem to thrive on last-minute cramming, it's widely accepted that (for most of…

Mar 24
National Education Policy 2023

The National Education Policy 2023 is a policy document released by the Government of India that outlines the vision and direction for education in the country. The policy aims to transform the Indian education system to meet the needs and aspirations of a 21st-century society National Education Policy 2023. National Education Policy 2023 School Education […]

Mar 24
8 Ways Parents Can Help Children Deal with Exam Stress

Exams for 10th class are a challenging time for most children. There’s a lot of pressure to do well, and most kids are very aware that the results of their tests can have a significant impact on their futures. Exam stress is very common, and many youngsters underperform or even make themselves ill because they […]

Mar 24
4 Online Courses to take during Lockdown

4 Online Courses to Take during Lockdown We often find ourselves complaining that we are extremely bored in this lockdown, there are times when we are just out of things to do and it results us to overthink situations, therefore, idleness frequently gives way to jeopardizing our mental peace. Well, it is time for us […]

  • 10th Class
Mar 24
9 Tips to Motivate Low Performing Students

with the difficulty of student engagement and under-performing students — not only on the individual level, except for entire classrooms.An interactive learning model that has a couple of key tenets can help educators better hook up with modern-day learners. Relevance All lesson material must be presented during a way that creates it as accessible and relevant to the student’s own frame of reference as possible. Teachers must choose their vocabulary carefully in presenting these lessons, employing only the terms needed to urge the knowledge across and providing illustrations or other keys…