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As the novel Corona Virus, popularly known as COVID-19 pandemic, is getting a worse shape day by day, it has largely affected the studies of the students. All the students of all the ages who are studying have faced losses due to this unavoidable situation. Here is article for Class 10th

 A large chunk of students who have faced this loss is of class 10th and 12th CBSE exams because they are facing a big loss as they were supposed to give their Board Examinations. COVID-19 has led to an abrupt end of all the things happening around the country and this has led to some huge impacts on the students.

Unavoidability is a loss

Class 10th and 12th are considered to be the major turning points in every student’s life and hold a great value or a big responsibility to clear it successfully. Due to the unavoidable situation prevailing, the situation has led the students into an utter state of confusion as they have no clue what will happen in their academic front. The major loss is faced by class 10th and 12th students who had been preparing very hard and were giving their CBSE exams with full preparations. There has a nationwide lockdown since the late March period of 2020, in order to control the COVID-19 pandemic situation without risking the lives of any of its citizens. Since there is no improvement in the situation, the examinations have been postponed several times which acts as an obstacle in the studies of the students. Not only the state board but also the CBSE Board examinations have rescheduled the examinations so many times due to unknown times of improvement in the situations.

Declaration by CBSE board

The criteria for the examinations are different in different areas. Based on the current deteriorating situations, new judgments and declarations have been made by the CBSE Board. It was earlier rumored that the CBSE was looking for the cancellation of the exams for class 10th. However, there were no official sources back then. CBSE board reduced the number of examinations earlier and decided to conduct some particular examinations for which they released a separate list as well.

A new date sheet along with the dates was also released by the CBSE Board which included some selective subjects in which the class 10th examinations would have taken place. However, based on the new reports and sources released in earlier June, many examinations were said to be rescheduled again and we’re supposed to take place between 1st July and 15th of July. As per the latest sources, which are still unofficial and are expected to be official soon by the concerned institutions, there will be no examinations for class 10th. It is said that the remaining examinations, under the CBSE board, will be canceled keeping in view the current situations. The on-going examinations were put on hold nationwide in late March 2020.

Ramesh Pokhriyal, HRD Minister, announced earlier to postpone the examinations till April, which were further deferred till July, thinking for the improvement as a case. Till now, the exams were supposed to take place in July, in the first two weeks. However, the new changes have made the previous decisions null and void. Based on what is the most popular information going right now, the class 10th board examinations are declared to be canceled by the CBSE board.

In the north-eastern part of Delhi, the students of class 10th have faced a major loss as there were no exams conducted. Back then, there were violent protests in a particular region, which led the exams to be postponed until the situation improves. However, the situation worsened under the COVID-19 pandemic due to which exams were deferred until July. And keeping the current situation in mind now, the exams which were getting postponed from a long period of time due to one reason or another, the exams were declared to be canceled.

Results are unacceptable to students

There is a huge loss for class 10th students as they had prepared so hard for their examinations and the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a severe loss on the academic front now. Class 10th students, who were likely to perform the best to their capability as a part of their improvement after their pre-board examinations, faced a huge loss as the CBSE declares the examinations to be canceled. They do not even have the option, like the class 12th students have, to opt for the pen-paper exam after the situation improves which makes the students feeling unjustified. Even the students of the North-East Delhi region, for which the CBSE was referring to take the examinations, faced loss due to the cancellation of their class 10th examinations which has acted as the final declaration till now. CBSE has decided to prepare the results based on their internal assessment marks.

No second chance for improvement

There are certain students who are confused about their situations because of their poor results in one subject. To this, CBSE has said for class 10th CBSE Board situations that such students are to be given proper remedial classes by the respective schools and are allowed to given tests in the schools, based on which the results are to be prepared.

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