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Decision pending for class 12th CBSE board exams

The Central Board of Secondary Education, also known as CBSE, has decided a special scheme for the remaining examinations for class 12th students. Due to the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19 pandemic, has caused an abrupt ending to the ongoing board examinations that were taking place throughout the country. However, due to the lockdown taking place throughout the nation due to the deteriorating situation and the increased number of cases, the CBSE board exams were put on hold. Here are all about the decision pending for class 12th CBSE board exams.

The CBSE board released the exam date sheet for class 10th and 12th students earlier this year. Due to the pandemic, the on-going examinations were put on hold in March 2020 in all the parts of the country. Ramesh Pokhriyal, HRD Minister, announced earlier to postpone the examinations till April, which were further deferred till July. Till now, the exams were supposed to take place in July, in the first two weeks. CBSE board also released the date sheet for the exam as well. However, the new changes have made the previous decisions null and void.

The new decision for class 10th and 12th examination

There have been rumors as well that the Central Board of Secondary Education, known as CBSE, is having an intent to cancel the examinations abroad and is shortlisting particular subjects for which the examinations are left. For clearing up the doubts of the students, CBSE released a date sheet late in the month of May. However, as the conditions under the pandemic worsened, there were oppositions from the parents’ side as the health of their children was concerned. Thus, a PIL was filed to reconsider the decisions as the exams were an important part whereas the health was indeed another important part. Due to this, the Supreme Court asked CBSE to reconsider its decision on the examinations conducted in July. Based on the recent news, released by CBSE on 25th July 2020, the examinations have been canceled with special schemes and options for class 12th students.

On Thursday, CBSE board informed Supreme Court that it is considering canceling the remaining examinations due to the worsening situation. Lakhs of students, who are going through the CBSE board exams, were tensed on the situation of their examinations. There was a major focus on class 12th examinations, as it is indeed one of the major turning points in a student’s life as no loss is entertained in the lives of the class 12th students who were about to appear in the examinations. However, in the wake of the current pandemic situations, the parents demanded the cancellation of the exams which were supposed to be held in July. Class 12th students, who were worried about their results and college admissions, finally got a particular answer regarding their examinations which was leading them to a state of utter confusion back then.

Live updates

Based on the present scenario, new guidelines and judgments are passed and are about to be passed for class 12th students who were about to appear in 2020 Examinations. There is still a part of the decisions that are pending and are expected to be released soon. But for the present scenario, below are some of the guidelines which you should be aware to follow up with the present scenario.

  • It is rumored that the CBSE has already decided to cancel the examinations and has discussed its final decision with the Supreme Court which had earlier ordered the CBSE to declare a final word to clear up the tensions in the mind of the students. Based on the unofficial sources, it is said that the Supreme Court will possibly be declaring its final decision tomorrow early in the morning.
  • There is a special scheme passed by the CBSE board for the students of class 12th who are about to appear in the upcoming examinations in July. It is giving students an option where they have a chance to opt-out of the remaining examinations. In the statement of opting out of the examination and creating an option for class 12th students, it is heard that the students who are thinking of opting out of the examinations due to the prevailing pandemic situation, will be assessed on the basis of the examinations they took previously. To expand, the results will be made on the basis of the previous examinations given before the pandemic situation.
  • The HRD ministry asked for the result declaration format. Solicitor General Tushar Mehta, who is responsible for giving news to the HRD Ministry, said that the results will be based on the assessment policy. The assessment policy holds a grading system where the class 12th Exams will be assessed on the basis of their marks which they obtained in their earlier pre-board examination. However, this policy has not been confirmed as there is no confirmation given by any official body. However, another suggestion is proposed where the marks are asked to be assessed based on the examinations already conducted.


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