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Category: Political sciences

Aug 19
BA Political Science Syllabus: Course Detail, Subjects

BA Political Science Hons could be a three-year undergrad course that bargains with frameworks of administration and control, and the investigation of political thought, political behavior, and constitutions and laws. Its center is on verifiable and advanced political frameworks, open organization, legislative approaches, universal relations, and open undertakings. Candidates must fulfill the qualification criteria of […]

Oct 07
Role Of NGOs in Society

What are NGOs? NGO is a famous word that represents a Non-administrative organization, which has earned a massive reputation worldwide. It is concerned with the welfare activities of the general public, animals, and nature. Non-administrative associations (NGOs) are voluntary associations since they are excluded from government control in their work. The individuals interested in public […]

Sep 23
Racism: The burning issue

What is racism? Racism is prejudice, differentiation, pre-judgments, or malicious behaviors towards another person based on their race, ethnicity, or cultural background. Racism is based upon the incorrect belief that some people are inherently and biologically better than others. This discrimination cancome in diverse forms, from rude commentaries to aggressive behaviors. Racism is a burning […]

Jul 16
6 Movies about Political Science for students

Politics is not just a part of our constitution, it is the part of our life. In fact, our daily life revolves around politics. Right from the things we buy to the road we drive on, everything is governed by politics. It is often seen that politics is subject unfamiliar to many. They do not […]